Following Faces With OpenCV And Arduino


[Marco] has had some fun with OpenCV in the area of face tracking. Using an older laser project, he has cobbled together a system that will track a face and put a laser on it. While he is just using this as a proof of concept, it goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t mount a laser on a face tracker. However, stuffing this into a myKeepon wouldn’t be a horrible thing.

[Marco] shares the process of getting the OpenCV bit working in this writeup, you’ll have to refer back to his laser gun project for the physical build.


[via Adafruit]


9 thoughts on “Following Faces With OpenCV And Arduino

  1. Question:

    Will the system still track if the face card is rotated 90 deg to the left or right?

    Will the system track if the face card is inverted?

    Just curious as to how the face recognizer works, algorithmically speaking.

  2. Uhmmm…. Really? This really has NOTHING to do with an arduino. Ya’ll got me all excited about it too…

    “Following faces with opencv and wires” is an equally adept title.

    Anyways, go OpenCV, you are awesome, nice build, and it’s cool he used a nice cardboard cutout of a face, I would be too lazy, and just go blind.

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