The Teensiest Atari 2600 Ever

[Dablio] sent in an awesome console mod he made. It may just be the smallest Atari 2600 ever (Portuguese, here’s the Google translation).

The build began with a Dynacom MegaBoy, from the same company that put out many less-than-legal 2600 clones. The MegaBoy PCB is an exercise in parsimony consisting of only a single IC, a crystal, and some resistors and caps. [Dablio] made a new PCB board based on the schematic he reverse engineered and this thing is tiny. It’s much smaller than even the smallest [Ben Heck] 2600 console build.

[Dablio] now needed a case for his new console. He had originally planned to mount the whole thing in an Atari controller like this commercial product. Serendipity intervened and he realized the entire system (sans cartridge port) fit inside a plastic tube of m&m minis.

Currently, [Dablio] has two ports on his ‘Atari tube of m&ms’ – the largest is the cartridge slot, and a small VGA port sits in the lid of the tube. This VGA port carries the power supply, controller, sound and video signals to and from the console.

[Dablio] sent in a bunch of pictures of his build which are in a gallery after the break. Now for the million-dollar question: anybody know where to buy one of these Dynacom MegaBoys?

15 thoughts on “The Teensiest Atari 2600 Ever

  1. HD15M != “VGA port”

    On topic:

    A nice build, but a waste of time (the 2600 is junk). At least this one uses sane controllers.

    It does remind me I need to make something with my NoaC, though…

    1. NoaC is so overused and overdone by this point that it’s not impressive. The 2600 can be made to be much more capable too – No framebuffer and it can display far more colors than the NES (128 instead of 25 on screen).

  2. I like it. Good on him for building it. Love the dead bug projects-less fluff and for me it is easier to make the metal image of the connections and interactions than some white paper. This plus synthcart could be a fun and portable option for gigs or jamming out (with earphones) on the bus :)

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