Hackerspace Introduction: 7hills Makerspace In Rome Georgia

This place served as a very strong reminder that not all hackerspaces are the same. Housed in a masonic temple, 7hills makerspace is quite different. They are fairly new, having just built out the location in January. I didn’t have a visit planned, and just happened to get lucky enough to catch [John Grout] there doing some screen printing. He agreed to give us a tour on the spot, and I think he did a fantastic job.

The space had most things you could think of aside from the messier and larger manufacturing tools. They had 3d printing, a music editing station, video editing station, electronics stations, a lounge, electronics lab, screen printing and vinyl cutting equipment, and more stuff that I can’t even remember. While they may not have a full sized lathe or welding/grinding equipment, there was a table saw and a few other pieces of equipment tucked away outside the main hall. You also get a glimpse of the robotics arena that is currently being housed there from the local school robotics program.

[John] showed us something that was a new idea to me, but a very good one. They had a project that they called the “hello world of making”. It is a flashlight that involves making a custom circuit board, soldering, 3d printing a case, and laser cutting and engraving the sides of the case. This gives you an introduction to many of the processes in the space.

[John] had a project there that he was willing to show us. This is a sanitation system that would ensure people sanitized their hands before entering or leaving a room in a hospital. This is a subject we’ve actually seen before as it is a common concern.

12 thoughts on “Hackerspace Introduction: 7hills Makerspace In Rome Georgia

  1. I was just going to comment and say, you guys have the most clever name ever! It makes the classicist in me smile :)

    Aventine, Palatine, Capitoline, Esquiline, Caelian, Viminal, Quirinal.

    Sorry, I had to :P

  2. @monodesigns and @blankgraphics

    I’m also looking forward to a Chattanooga hackerspace. I work at a hardware store outside of St. Elmo and see tons of people looking for various parts for hacking projects. I might have to venture down to Rome to take a look at the 7hills makerspace though. Hope to see you two around at the chattlab whenever it opens!

  3. Thanks for all the nice comments about our space! Our members get together for make-night on Thursdays each week, usually starting around 6pm. We always welcome visitors, so please stop in if you are in the area. Oh, and we had a visit from the great guys at ChattLab some months ago. Excited to see them get rolling in Chattanooga.

    1. Great to see some coverage of the amazing 7hills space. Greg and company were very gracious and inspirational to us when we were considering our makerspace plans.

      We are very close to announcing an opening date. Y’all hang tight.

      I commented on the Freeside post ( http://hackaday.com/2012/05/31/hackerspace-intros-freeside-hackerspace-in-atlanta-georgia/ ) inviting the Hackaday folks over for a preview. We hope to meet up when they are in Chattanooga.

  4. @mostlymac
    Is that the ACE Hardware on Broad street? That is only a few blocks away from the ChattLab space. I am sure we will be increasing your business by at least a little bit.

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