Head-mounted Memory Catcher

A picture’s worth a thousand words so what is a hat that can take 360 degree pictures worth? Just make sure you put it on whenever leaving the house and capturing that next memorable moment will be just one click of a button away.

[Mikeasaurus] recently put together this… special… headgear. He used film-based disposable cameras and this choice presented a few interesting challenges. But the choice is not necessarily a bad one, as you can get six of these without really blowing your budget. He cut the top off of a plastic garbage can to serve as a headband on which to mount the hardware (zip-ties to the rescue). But things get hairy when it comes to triggering all of the shutters at once. These are spring-loaded shutter releases and you can’t just patch into them electrically like you could a digital camera. His solution is a group of six servo motors which do the button pushing for him.

A thirty-six exposure trial run turned out okay. Several times the shots didn’t come out, but at the end of his post he shares a few of the good ones that did. We’re going to stear clear of this one as we can’t abide manually winding all six cameras between each shot. But it does give us an idea for a single-camera hat that uses a 45-degree mirror which swivels. We’ll just put that one in the growing pile of ideas we need to make time for.

20 thoughts on “Head-mounted Memory Catcher

  1. I guess I either got ‘bleeped’ or the entire process I used, didn’t work…

    I will try, one last time….

    This pic eternally will fog the line between geek and dork… (and that line is defined as ‘nerd’)

    I use a part of my email sig, to illustrate…

    (BTW: your statement, notdave, is accurate)

    The Geek Hierarchy
    Understands, creates,& Fixes
    Really Cool Stuff.

    Understands& collects
    Really Cool Stuff.

    Confused by
    Really Cool Stuff

    ALTHOUGH I doubt it will start a protest movement.

    (the advancing of each cammera is a dorky thing)

  2. Why not use the electrical “disposable” camera’s you can hack to re-use ? maybe add a microcontroller in the mix that serves the images to your phone for 360° view.

  3. So… has he taken it into a strip club yet?

    But seriously, the only reaction I have to this is: Wasn’t this guy in one of the “Silence of the Lambs” movies?

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