Turning The Wii Classic Controller Into A Gaming Rig

A bit of clever design lets you mount a screen and gaming hardware right on this controller. [Valentin Ivanov] had already been using the Wii Classic Controller Pro as an input for his Gadgeteer-based projects. He wanted a way to marry the project board, display, and controller into one single unit.

We’re huge fans the design because it doesn’t require any alteration of the controller. Instead, five carefully designed pieces were cut from some thin plywood. They lock together into an assembly that embraces the top of the controller while providing plenty of mounting options for the prototyping hardware thanks to a large grid of holes. A couple of pieces of bronze rod lock the mounting bracket in place by keying into the screw holes in the bottom of the controller.

In the image above you can see Mini Pacman running on the rig. It’s now nearly portable, only relying on a barrel jack for power but we’re sure a battery pack could stand in if necessary.

3 thoughts on “Turning The Wii Classic Controller Into A Gaming Rig

  1. obv, this new black controller doesnt have the button on top and the slots on the back, but way back in ’07 this guy 3d printed a clip that attached the wiimote to the back of the classic controller. it used the slots on the back which seemed to be designed to fit just this purpose.


    I would definitely use the old version to use this as a mounting option for a handheld device.

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