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If you haven’t heard of it yet, the [Raspberry Pi] is all the rage on [HAD] these days, so why not a round up of some of the excellent cases available?

[Nhslzt] wrote in to tell us about his laser cut Bramble Pi finger jointed case.  These are available for only 12 Euros, or roughly $14.95 in the US. Sure, the exchange rate may not be in America’s favor these days, but it’s cheaper than a trip to Dresden, Germany where some of the profits from this are to go towards setting up a makerspace there!

If you’re feeling more into the additive 3D printing DIY process, why not just download one and make it on your printer? [Thingiverse] has an excellent selection of cases many featuring, as you may have guessed, a picture of a Raspberry on the top!  (Here’s the printed case pictured).

Finally for something more colorful (see the pic after the break), you can’t get much better than the [Pibow]. If you’re looking for something colorful, and very solid (as described) this may be the case for you! You can order one here or use the unique design to inspire your own case (Thx Brian!).

As for stuff that we’ve already written about at HAD, this case looks quite slick made out of black acrylic, as does this one, combining the use of a laser cutter and 3D printer. Of course, if you’re going for the strictly utilitarian model, you can always go with one held together with rubber bands and tape!

pibowThere’s a nice one at Adafrtuit too, and like their other items it is open source so you could cut it yourself if you had a laser printer, and comes with a full tutorial.


38 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Case Roundup

  1. I just got delivery of the ModMyPi case, it looks nice but they have a little problem with tolerance: the RasPi inside the case rattles a little too much.

    They’re trying to fix the issue in the next iteration so maybe you might want to wait a little before ordering.


      1. That’s what i’m going to do as soon as i have a little time (i might even have some sugru lying around somewhere).

        Still ordering something only to find out it has a fixable defect (only to find out that’s going to be fixed on the producer side) might be frustrating.


      1. For open-source/ing, sure thing, but maybe after the contest so people won’t steal someone else’s idea of a good case :)

        Prizes/incentives are always great to have — it motivates people to build, and participate.

    1. Of course you can. It’s been sold for a while now that they allow for several units per order, wherein before that strictly allow only 1 unit per order. They even have bulk orders specially targeted at school for classrooms. I’m just not sure if they have discounts for a minimum amount of orders.

      1. I’m sensing trolls in this thread. I live in the ass end of Georgia, USA and I got mine back in May. According to the Pi Tracker website, there are at least five other people in driving distance, and one in walking distance, who have them too. Search my email on Google+ if you want proof, I took pictures and have been playing around in Arch Linux and the new Raspbian-based Wheezy build.

        Is the RasPi going to become the new red-headed stepchild of HAD? It certainly seems so with all the hate being spewed lately.

      2. Have you tried element14? There’s no such thing as not available in the US, I live in Philippines and I got mine this july. I understand that mine have to wait for 2 months because that was the early stages of RPi being shipped. Now that RPi manufacturing has stabled and there are consistent 4000+ units per day are made. I’m sure ordering will be faster now (and I’ll repeat you can order in bulk now)

  2. A friend loaned me his Raspberry Pi. I’d like to make one of the laser cut cases. I have access to a small amount of scrap 1/8th in acrylic. I can’t tell what thickness they use for the adafruit derived cases. Does anyone here know? It looks like it might be thicker than 1/8th inch, so I want to know what I need to go buy.

  3. In the event there’s a contest RFI suppression should be a consideration in selecting the winner IMO. So far none of the case featured give much though in containing RF.

      1. I’m pretty sure RF suppression is regulation because RF suppression is a necessity to prevent interference to other services. On the other hand regulation will not kick in until assembly of a RP board mounted inside a case in marketed.

      2. I can”t the lack of mounting holes as an issue for someone manufacturing cases for the retail market or the person making their own case. this not an insurmountable problem.

  4. You know what would of been nice. IF THEY PUT MOUNTING HOLES ON IT!!!!

    And I’m in on the contest if there is one. I’m 90% done with my design. And i think i can get an SLA made once im ready.

    And yes you can get a raspberry pi in the US. I’m in california and i have one.

    Still upset about no holes in the board :(

    1. BTW I totally agree the lack of mounting holes is a complete PITA. A lot of builders have tried to get passed this with pegs or guides but none work as well as a simple screw hole ;(

    2. That’s because the board is very populated and mounting holes are a luxury to have. Also I’m assuming that they never really planned on using these with cases, since they’ve been selling it bare-boards, targeted on children. And RPi case manufacturers only appeared in the wild since it’s very hard to mount these boards especially to those not in reach of a laser cutter or sick power tools and such.

      But I found an easy way to mount it on a board, with plastic mounting hooks for mirrors, with one on each side.

  5. Here’s a case for a Raspberry Pi that needs no screws, elastic bands, or glue, and retails at the cost of a Birthday Card – £2.99 (and can even fit inside a Birthday Card.) It’s a “RasPiCASE”. http://www.raspicases.com/coppermine/albums/userpics/10001/normal_IMG_3178blackpluslogo.jpg

    Here’s a Youtube Video showing how to put it together http://youtu.be/xmLR5xQqDn0
    This Youtube Video demonstrates how strong it is.

    You can buy the cases from ebay for delivery anywhere in the world and delivery cost is cheap too! Why spend more than £2.99 on a case for a £25 computer?

  6. If one side (bottom) was extended a bit, a hole could be added so it could be carried like a necklaced badge. Surelt a same size display is in the works… and a yrifold keyboard.

    Internally, assemble layers with silicon caulk to make it water resistant, and treat in-case ends of connectors. Shielding? Screen mask? And we need some SMT micro leds on this. ???? LOVE raspberries. Might have to try a pi.

  7. I forgot… we used a thinner silicon caulk to reduce component vibration of some electronic components under rocket launch conditions. This is fine to hold a board in place. No rattle. Miniscule amounts. Use a round toothpick and paint-roller it onto 2 card ends. Tears or razors apart when you take it apart. Lexan versus plexi. Scratches less, etc.

    No heatsink to the exterior world? Where do I mount the fan? Or we doin’ liquid cooled? Piezo-electric? ????

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