Lazy Labor Day Educational Time. Watch Cornell’s Microcontroller Courses.


C’mon, you know you’re not really going to do much today. You might as well spend that time learning some skills instead of watching funny cats. The Cornell ECE lectures on microcontrollers (ECE 4760 and ECE5760), taught by [Bruce Land], are available online for free.

Not only do you get to enjoy these two courses, but there are videos available showing off several different categories of student projects as well.

[via hackedgadgets]

13 thoughts on “Lazy Labor Day Educational Time. Watch Cornell’s Microcontroller Courses.

  1. I chill in this guy’s office once a week to just talk about random electronics stuff! Hah this is awesome – Prof. Land is a really chill guy, always wears Hawaiian shirts and flop flops…

  2. Enjoying them so far…too bad more of the Cornell courses are not online since these courses build on them. So far I haven’t run into anything that I didn’t already know from working with C and Processing…but I’m only to the third video, and the first one was just description of homework and grades.

  3. I notice in one of the videos he tells the students that the mega644 cannot write data to it’s flash at runtime.

    I’m certain he knows it can in fact do that if you put your code in the boot section.

    I bet he just does not want to confuse them with a dangerous and obscure technique.

    Plus the fact that flash is only stated to be good for 10,000 writes and you have to write an entire page just to update one byte.

    My cousin wrote a cool library that makes handling the flash easy, she’s good at this stuff.

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