[Lou’s] Haircut Really Sucks

Ah yes, at some point a brilliant inventor combined the electric trimmer with a vacuum cleaner and the art of cutting hair was never the same again. [Lou] is showing us how to give a haircut that really sucks up the waste. And he did it using rubbish he had lying around.

Most people will recognize this as a DIY version of the Flowbee. Not surprisingly, you can still buy one of those if you want, but [Lou] is looking for a vacuum cutter for trimming his dog’s hair so he’s not about to shell out cash for it. He already has the trimmer, and just needed a way to attach the vacuum hose to it. In the image above you can see the grey crevice attachment for his vacuum. He taped it onto the trimmers, then cut a plastic soda bottle to use as a hood near the business end of the trimmer. It’s all wrapped in packing tape to hold everything in place and seal around the joints. You can see it in action in the clip after the break.

23 thoughts on “[Lou’s] Haircut Really Sucks

  1. Seems to be somewhat uncommon to find a cat or dog that doesn’t freak out at the combined noise of the sound of the rushing air and the noise of the vacuum motor. On the flip side there are those pets who enjoy the coat being simply vacuumed to the point, one has to satisfy them first, before getting on with the the house cleaning.

  2. What about attaching a computer keyboard vacuum to a battery-powered razor for a portable cutter? Might work for those who don’t need much hair cut off. I never tried a keyboard vac, so don’t know how strong those are, though.

    1. I am the OP. The one point I never made in the video is that you CAN’T clip a dog’s hair, longer than 1/4 inch, with a plain clipper. If you try to go longer, the hair just bends and will not go through the cutter. The problem is that a 1/4″ cut makes your dog look like a tennis ball. The main purpose of the vacuum is to pull the hair taught, so it can be cut at more like 1/2″, for a more reasonable look. The no-mess feature is just a side benefit. If you want a 1/2″ cut at the groomers, get ready to shell out $50.

  3. I still have my flowbee! I have not used it in many years though, but it taught me to cut my own hair. These days I use a regular Wahl clipper and scissors, and just do it mostly by “feel”… But they flowbee got me past my first fear… :)

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