Color Changing Bag Matches Clothing Color, Tells You What’s Inside


Adding some lights to your everyday items will certainly give you a style leaning toward the world of Blade Runner. But if you can add functionality to control the blinky components you’ve actually got something. A great example of this is [Kathryn McElroy’s] Chameleon Bag. It’s a shoulder bag with a light-up flap. It can color match your clothing, but she also built some features that will let you know what is inside of the bag.

The project started by using a cardboard template in the size and shape of the bag’s flap. After adding an Arduino to control the LEDs and an RFID reader for an interactive element she sewed a replacement flap that also acts as a diffuser. In the video after the break she demonstrates matching the color of her scarf by reading a tag sewn in the end of it. She then starts loading up all the stuff needed for a day away from home. As the keys, phone, and computer are placed in the bag their tags are read, resulting in different combinations of color. Once everything she needs is inside, the flap turns green and she heads out the door.

This will go great with your illuminated umbrella.

[via Adafruit]

9 thoughts on “Color Changing Bag Matches Clothing Color, Tells You What’s Inside

  1. Nice picture, says the item can change color to match clothing, yet in the picture it’s a very ugly pink and the lady is wearing green, grey & black. Doesn’t look to me like it’s changing color to match clothing.

    1. Thanks, according to the Google it is likely polyurethane. Been trying to find a decent diffusing material for an indicator in a project that is LED lit in a tight space without much power so I’m trying about everything I can think of to get the lighting effect I’m hoping for.

  2. You know, a smaller version of this for luggage would be excellent. Imagine packing to leave your hotel room, when we’re all in a hurry and fret about leaving some item of technology behind…..using the RFID tagging, and a smaller LED matrix, have the bag indicate what’s already inside, and use either scrolling text, or a hex indication about what item is missing, if any.

    Go on Shark Tank!

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