Minecraft For RPi Released

Minecraft for RPi

Mojang, the folks behind Minecraft, have officially released Minecraft: Pi Edition. This free version of the popular game is optimized to run on the Raspberry Pi hardware, and has an API that exposes the game’s internals to a variety of programming languages.

Mojang intends this release to be an educational tool for teaching and learning programming. Since the API provides instant feedback in the game, it could be an interesting way to make learning to code fun for people of all ages.

Having access to the API on a RPi also means that the game can be connected to the real world. For example, using Python and the RPi.GPIO, pins on the GPIO header can be used for output or input. This creates a slew of possible hacks that interface with the game.

Any ideas on what you’d like to do with Minecraft on a RPi? Let us know in the comments. Also, we coincidentally just printed a minecraft pick on our 3d printer. There’s a time lapse video of it after the break!

12 thoughts on “Minecraft For RPi Released

  1. I can’t tell from this article or the site whether this can act as a Minecraft server, or is just the client? If it can be a server, could it really handle a dozen users at once, with its limited RAM and processing power [really, the RAM would be the first bottleneck]?

      1. I have been summoned!

        So, Bravo should work on a Pi, if you consider that the memory constraints are somewhere between oppressive and onerous, and that the general speed of the Pi is not really great. Nonetheless, I have a Pi at home, and I’ll report on whether it can run Bravo. Gimme a day or two to dig it out of my packing boxes… :3

        ~ C.

      1. Look at the video retard. You’ll understand what hes saying. if it wasn’t for hackaday thinking they had to include a video with every response there wouldn’t be the wasted time of everyone watching it and having to clarify it in the posts.

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