Beautiful Replica Team Fortress 2 Weapons


We’ve seen our share of replica props, but [Nathan]’s replica of the spy’s sidearm from Team Fortress 2 is the bee’s knees.

The build began as an off-the-shelf Airsoft gun. After removing the barrel and cylinder, [Nathan] used Apoxie Sculpt and a whole lot of sanding to turn a stock piece of metal and plastic into something that came straight from the Mann Co. store. The in-game version of the Ambassador also includes an engraving of the object of the spy’s affection, replicated by [Nathan] with some very careful Dremel work. Once the prop was done, [Nathan] built a mold box out of plywood and filled it with silicone rubber. This allowed him to make several castings of his prop weapon

This isn’t [Nathan]’s only TF2 replica prop; he also made a replica of the stock sniper gun and scout’s scattergun and a megaphone from Borderlands. In an effort to out do himself, [Nathan] is gearing to build a gun that fires two hundred-dollar, custom-tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute. He has yet to craft any hats.

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Replica Team Fortress 2 Weapons

    1. Same here. I am looking to purchase an AMCNC-02. My university engineering team got one for a very good price. You may need a Chinese friend to help you figure out how to order one.

  1. Hi! This is an awesome article, but I’d like to ask you to avoid linking to tf2wiki and sending your links to, the official wiki. The former site steals the content from the latter. Thank you!

  2. Now if only it could show an Ubercharge! (just kidding) This is sweet. I still don’t understand the whole obsession with hats in TF2 though. I prefer to focus on the weapons. Gives you a better range of options for how you play.

  3. Many TF2 weapons are based on real weapons. If anybody else is making replicas, find out what the weapon was based on to get a very similar (if not identical) starting point. For example, the stock revolver is a Colt Python, L’Etranger is a Nagant revolver.

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