Video Player Built From Stellaris Launchpad


We think it’s pretty impressive to see a Stellaris Launchpad playing back Video and Audio at the same time with a respectable frame rate. It must be a popular time of year for these projects because we just saw another video playback hack yesterday. But for this project [Vinod] had a lot less horsepower to work with.

He’s using a 320×240 display which we ourselves have tried out with this board. It’s plenty fast enough to push image data in parallel, but if you’re looking for full motion video and audio we would have told you tough luck. [Vinod’s] math shows that it is possible with a bit of file hacking. First off, since the source file is widescreen he gets away with only writing to a 320×140 set of pixels at 25 fps. The audio is pushed at 22,400 bytes per second. This leaves him very few cycles to actually do anything between frames. So he encoded the clip as a raw file, interlacing the video and audio information so that the file can be read as a single stream. From the demo after the break it looks and sounds fantastic!


11 thoughts on “Video Player Built From Stellaris Launchpad

  1. 6.5 minute video.
    5.5 minute of video showing cheesy hollywood crap.
    1.0 minute of video showing how rig plugs together.

    Amount of actual content on the build = ZERO.

    1. get it from the datasheet of the microcontroller used in it…….. Also u can check the code examples, which will be the easiest way to learn things…… Stellaris launchpad workshop videos are available in ti website…. It covers almost all the peripheral tutorial using the stellarisware library…….

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