Hackerspacing In Europe: The Garage Lab In Düsseldorf


The Garage Lab (translated) is a small hackerspace quite close to the Chaosdorf. As the name implies, it exists in a garage complex — each unit has a garage and an upstairs office. The Garage Lab shares their unit with a co-working space upstairs — basically, they get the garage at all the times, but only the upstairs on the weekend when it is empty.

It’s been around for about 2 years and has about 40 members (~20 of which are active). To be a member it is quite cheap, only €15/month or €10/month if you are a student. They mostly focus on 3D printing and electronics.

The space has several 3D printers, a large work area, and many hand tools. They run CAD classes quite often and are hoping to expand with 3D printing classes and other technical lectures. Our guide was a cool guy named [Axel] who works as a 3D designer at his own company, but loves spreading 3D printing knowledge with the world.

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This is the entrance to the lab – no real sign, but a friendly German directed us when we were looking rather lost.


Immediately inside is the main garage area are workbenches and hand tools that have mostly been donated by the members.


The next room is covered in shelves and lockers filled with projects.


It’s not that big of a space, but for the number of members it suits them quite well.


The resident RepRap printer!


A recent 3D printing project — home-made Oculus Rift goggles!

All in all it was a very cool space, with some very friendly hackers — If we lived in Dusseldorf it would definitely be a place to call home! They are hoping to expand but are having some difficulties getting funding and proper publicity — so if you have any advice, leave it here in the comments!

Next up, ACKspace in Heerlan, The Netherlands!

6 thoughts on “Hackerspacing In Europe: The Garage Lab In Düsseldorf

  1. I’m liking the tour so far. I wouldn’t have expected to find a hackerspace in a garage unit like this. It’s a shame that there aren’t any hackerspaces closer to my home (Alkmaar area, the Netherlands), at least as far as I know. Would love to learn new things in a place like that.
    By the way, I don’t want to be ‘that’ guy. But it’s Heerlen, not Heerlan.

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