Guitar Amp Turned Tool Cabinet

amp cabinet

While HANDMADE.hackaday was a rather ephemeral experiment, we still come across some mighty fine examples of handmade projects that we think deserve to grace the pages of Hack a Day. As is the case with this beautifully repurposed guitar amp turned tool cabinet.

After gutting the original amp, [Max] set to bending some 22ga steel plate into drawers. He enjoys using that particular gauge because its fairly easy to cut and bend, while still being rigid enough for most applications. Once content with the bending jobs, he attached ball bearing roller slides to the sides and installed the drawers. Making use of the original amp face for the top drawer he cleaned up all the edges and gave it some new paint — it’s a beautifully crafted example of what you can do with a bit of sweat and elbow grease!

And for the audiophiles, don’t worry — the amp wasn’t functional before it was cannibalized for its casing.

[Via Reddit]

4 thoughts on “Guitar Amp Turned Tool Cabinet

  1. I think it’s a really awesome job, very nice work. I would have gone a step further and turned the top drawer into a combination cellphone charger and media player. I’d install a power strip with 12v and 5v out, put in a small class D amplifier connected to the volume control, and a pair of small full range speakers somewhere on the back or sides. That way I could charge my phone while using it to play music in my workshop or wherever I take the toolbox to work.

    All that said, there’s nothing wrong with this build as is; I just love to complicate things I guess.

  2. I could also envision putting a small audio amp and battery pack in the top (drawer) hooked to the knobs,
    for MP3’s or an electric guitar. Along with a pop-up or swing up speaker (in the drawer).

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