This Party Jukebox Is Bigger On The Inside

In honor of the recent 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, [David Prouty] decided to build a 1/3rd scale replica of the Tardis. He also decided to give it a few extra features on the inside… Introducing the Recycled Tardis Jukebox! 

It was constructed primarily out of recycled cardboard boxes (pizza, FedEx, UHaul, etc) and [David] has done an amazing job painting and detailing it!

Since it’s so big, [David] wanted it to be functional too, so he’s added Bluetooth speakers, sound activated lights, disco balls, and even a fog machine on the inside. It’s all controlled wirelessly by remote, and it’s sure to be a hit at any party he decides to throw.

Stick around for the videos showing it in action — and of course, making our favorite sound VWORRRRRP VWRORRRP VWORRRP!

We also can’t forget the amazing transformer Tardis from last year! Or how about a Tardis that is actually bigger on the inside?

7 thoughts on “This Party Jukebox Is Bigger On The Inside

  1. I hate people that see something cool like this and all they do is bash it. Like whats wrong? Pissed off because you can’t make something like this your self. Learn some skills or just get a fucking life instead of being negative.

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