We’re Going To The Midwest RepRap Fest

One month from now, Goshen, Indiana – deep in the land of Dairy Queens – will become one of the premier sites for RepRapping, 3D printing and everything involving open source manufacturing. It’s the 2nd annual Midwest RepRap Festival to be held March 14-16. Oh, Hackaday will also be there, cavorting around, distributing some swag, and doing some live videos and posts of the event.

Highlights of the Festival include [Prusa] giving a talk on the state of open source printing, [Sonny Monicou] discussing the challenges of his RepRap workshops, a roundtable discussion of the RepRap project, [Nicholas Seward] and his creations – the Wally, Simpson, and Lisa, along with a few folks from Lulzbot and UltiMachine. Basically, the only way to go to a bigger RepRap convention would be to visit a Maker Faire, and even that would only add a few hundred 9-year-olds astounded by printed Minecraft figurines.

If you’re willing to make the drive, there’s no fee to attend; just register, show up, and you’ll get a table for all that up-til-midnight RepRapping. There’s also a waffle breakfast on Sunday, along with me walking around makin’ it rain Hackaday stickers.

14 thoughts on “We’re Going To The Midwest RepRap Fest

    1. Most likely it’s a case of the organizers an event choosing a location location, dates, and time that are easiest for them to manage. Such events either sizzle or grow to the point where it”s reputation overcomes travel concerns are overcame, and the middle of nowhere becomes the destination point for a certain sector of the population. No doubt when the street rod nationals where scheduled for Oklahoma City persons where wondering “why in the middle of nowhere?”, but I see OKC is the location for this year :)

    2. Over five hours away and it is in the same state ;p
      That is a huge inventment in time and money for gas and hotel. I don’t want a hackaday sticker that badly.

      Also from the first link “wheat they can do”, freudian slip?

    1. I did view all three video’s, what a waste of time, nothing therein reached a level what a reasonable person would call harassment, or Jaimie say he felt harassed. Beyond the frustration with the nozzle issue and the customer service associated with it it Jaimie appears to be fairly satisfied with the lulzbot.

  1. I believe I’s enjoy visiting such an event, however actually living in the middle of nowhere location I understand I’ll have to travel to it, but outside Kansas wouldn’t be an option. I hope this years event goes well enough for them to hold a third annual event.

  2. Last year Indiana was labeled as “land of corn and Walmarts” and now its “land of Dairy Queens” – that would be Texas (not Indiana) they have 600+ DQs and the most by state. Elkhart County is mainly known for RV Manufacturing… next year it might be better to leave off the commentary and just cover the event details. Is it too much to ask from someone living in the land of coal and mushrooms? No offense, Thanks Brian :)

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