An AT-ATX: A Different Kind Of Power Supply

[Jedii72] needed a power supply. A quick search online revealed many instructions for building one out of an old ATX power supply, but — he didn’t want just any kind of power supply — he wanted to build an AT-ATX.

He started with a vintage AT-AT toy from the 80’s, and then began cutting it into pieces. Hold for gasps of disbelief. Don’t worry though — it was in poor condition to start with, so it was never really considered a collectible. After cleaning over 30 years of grime and dirt off the toy, he gave it a fresh coat of jet black paint — not exactly canon, but it does look pretty awesome. You know, it would make a pretty awesome Sci-Fi contest entry, don’t you agree?

He removed the original metal case of the ATX power supply, and slid it into the new hole he made for it in the AT-AT — a perfect fit! In addition to the power supply, he’s added a digital voltmeter and a USB hub for all his charging needs. A pair of blue LEDs finish off the build nicely, but our favorite part has to be his retractable alligator clip power leads — something a lot of power supplies could benefit from!

For a more conventional(?) looking ATX power supply, take a look at this beautiful wood enclosed design!

8 thoughts on “An AT-ATX: A Different Kind Of Power Supply

  1. If he made it out of a slightly older power supply he could have called it AT-AT. I love old AT power supplies. When they’re off they’re actually off – no +5vsb or anything. And they come with a mechanical switch.

    …it’s hard finding something pre-Pentium 1 these days I suppose.

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