A Hexacopter With FPV


[Robert’s] been hard at work becoming a hexacopter expert over the past two years, and he’s offered up a retrospective of his multi rotor build experience since he first clicked the “buy” button on Hobbyking. He’s come a long way from his first build, which used inexpensive carbon rods and 3D-printed parts for a frame, supported by scrap wood and hot glue. It met its end in his car; exposed to direct sunlight, the 3D-printed components melted.

The latest iteration—seen above on the right—is a complete redesign, with a laser-cut frame that dramatically reduced the overall weight and new “Donkey” motors off Hobbyking. It’s strong enough to lift a 1.6kg (3.5lbs) stuffed animal suspended from a rope! Most recently [Robert] has worked out streaming first-person video after fitting a camera to the hexacopter via a 3D-printed attachment and pairing the experience with Zeiss Cinemizer 3D glasses. He still has some bugs to work out, namely screws loosening from vibrations and adding a HUD to the display so he’ll know when the battery levels are low. You can see the poor teddy bear getting hanged along with some other videos, including the first-person video flight, after the break.

5 thoughts on “A Hexacopter With FPV

  1. What i rip it was the sunlight that got him.Usually its the confusion of orientation.
    For a HUD or OSD he could use a remzibi or minim osd,they display details such as heading wind gps co-ordinates etc.Or just upgrade the controller with telemetry.
    Vibrations can be helped with some balancing of props,moon-gel and earplugs!
    As for the loosening screws,some simple thread-lock will help.

  2. As much as I love this hobby, is any of this hack worthy? It looks like he’s bashing together off the shelf parts. No discussion about buying OrangeRx transmitters and flashing the open source OpenLRsng on it, plug and play NAZA controller, no custom open source APM controller.

    I love FPV stuff, but this isn’t a hack. This is assembly. And stuff like this is posted continuously on RCforums.

  3. I’ve been noticing the increase high quality articles over hacks.
    THEN I see this piece of crap. WTF?!? he made a fvp hexa? where’s the hack here?!???? anyone has been doing this for years.


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