Hackaday Links: April 13, 2014


Check out this Pokemon Yellow cartridge for Super Nintendo. Wait, what? That is a Game Boy game! Well there is a Super Gameboy cartridge that lets you play them on SNES. This mashes the guts of the two into a custom-decorated SNES cart. Now if you’re more interested in the guts of that Super Game Boy cartridge you’ll want to check out this classic hack which dumped the ROM from it. [Thanks Nick]

Here are a couple of interesting things from our friends over at Adafruit. First off, they have a high-res gallery of the Raspberry Pi compute module and carrier boards which we heard about earlier in the week. Also, the latest Collin’s Lab has a great video on soldering. We especially appreciated the discussion of soldering iron tips and their effect on heat transfer.

[Marius] got tired of the static shock from the office coat rack. You know, like the scene straight out of Office Space? But he didn’t disassemble the infrastructure to solve the issue. Instead he connected it directly to ground. Just make sure you stick the wire in the correct hole!

It’s as if Hackaday is on a quest for the most perfect DIY cyclonic separator. Here’s the latest offering which you can cut out from sheet stock by hand. It’s the alternative for those of us without access to a 3D printer.

If you think it’s too difficult to build what we refer to as a Daft Punk table you need to check out what [Dan] pulled off. He proves that your LED matrix coffee table project doesn’t have to take up a ton of time or cost an exorbitant amount of cash.

We should have mentioned this to you before the weekend so you’d have something to watch: you can now download BBS: The Documentary from the Internet Archive. We’ve watched the entire thing and it’s fantastic. If you know what a dial-up modem handshake sounds like, you’re going to be awash in nostalgia. If you don’t know the delight of those sounds you need to watch this and see how things used to be back in the day when connecting your computer to a network definitely wasn’t what the cool kids were doing. [Thanks Larry]

13 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: April 13, 2014

  1. Thanks for the soldering video, I really suck at it and need all the help I can get (and more time to practice), just wish I could have downloaded it with chrome, I can download gigabytes of porn but it doesn’t want to download half the stuff on YouTube. Oh and as for the antistatic coat rack, stick it in the correct hole, always good advice.

  2. Clever idea on the coat rack. A slight improvement might be to connect that wire to the earth pin on a plug-top and then insert it into the socket. That way 1. no-one can possible change it to the active (deliberately or if it gets knocked out) and 2. no-one freaks out about random wires hanging out of GPOs.

    1. i think he should put a resistor in line between the socket and the cable. perhaps around 1 megaohm. the reason: if someone produces a short to the ground somewhere in the building his desk would be under high voltage. so you could at least limit the current flowing.

  3. The benefit of limiting the super gameboy to one cartridge while at the same time limiting the pokemon cart to one system is lost on me. Isn’t the hack destructive to both yielding diminished functionality?

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