Interactive LED Beer Pong Table Has More Features Than You Can Shake A Stick At

LED Beer Pong

Holy cow. The amount of detail and functionality that went into this Interactive LED Beer Pong Table is absolutely incredible.

The table features 384 individually controlled RGB LEDs, covered with a 2′ x 8′ Lexan sheet to protect them from spills. Each cup holder (pod) contains an additional 4 RGB LEDs and an IR sensor that can detect whether or not the cup is in place — if it is removed, the IR sensor triggers an animation on either the 32 x 12 LED grid across the middle of the table or the other pods.

The rings of LEDs on the outside edge act as VU meters and pulse to the music in different animation patterns. What is really impressive is that [Jeff] also included a ping pong ball washer — A water reservoir connects under the table between the two LED rings at either end. When you put the ball into one, it gets sucked underneath and pops out the other side clean!

You seriously have to see the video of this thing in action.

Oh and if you have no idea what a beer pong table is… here are the rules. The basic premise is you try to throw your ping pong ball into the opposite teams cup — if you succeed, they have to drink that cup and take it off of the table. Whoever sinks the most cups wins.

We’ve covered lots of beer pong tables before, but it really seems like [Jeff] has taken the cake with this one!

10 thoughts on “Interactive LED Beer Pong Table Has More Features Than You Can Shake A Stick At

  1. Wow. Those are some mad engineering skills. Even the software he shows looks pretty polished. Quite the instrucables writeup to boot, that is the example of what an instructable should be!

  2. There’s only one thing I can think of that would make this more awesome: impact sensors or computer vision to know where the pingpong ball bounced/went, and animations to match.

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