Hackaday At Maker Faire


If you are planning your trip to Maker Faire Bay Area — May 17th and 18th — why not hunt down the Hackaday crew? We’ll be packing a ton of swag to give out to anyone who asks for it. But ideally we’d like to show off the best hardware we can find so don’t come empty-handed!

Want your Maker Faire stuff featured on Hackaday? You can Tweet in advance to let us know when you’ll be there and what you’re bringing. You can also track us down during the weekend as we’ll be frequently Tweeting our locations. Here is the contact list and information on some festivities we’re planning:

We’ve made a list of Twitter handles or you can follow separately:

I Like Beer


Maker Faire isn’t open 24-hours! Can you believe they kick you out at night?

We’re going to belly up to the bar on Saturday night. We’ve found one that’s just one train stop away. We’ll bring shirts (which we’re unlikely to be carrying on the fair grounds during the day) if you want to stop by and grab one from us. One thing to consider is that the bar only holds 80 people. Sign up for a ticket… you can always stop by without one but ready yourself for there being no room at the inn.

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        1. Alright. Uh… not to spoil anything, but I was trying to find a flight to Vegas today from my area. The outbound flight was BWI -> Myrtle Beach -> NYC -> Detroit -> Vegas. This was the cheapest flight available.

          I’m thinking you get what you pay for.

          1. Very reasonable actually. Most of the hotels there are getting a bit old but even the newer ones have relatively cheap rooms. I don’t know why that is, but I suppose they rely more on their massive room count and casinos to make profit. Also Vegas gets tourist influx all year long, so that might be related.

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