Don’t Freak Out — Your TODO List For August 4th

How to enter The Hackaday Prize by August 4th

The registration cut-off for The Hackaday Prize is August 4th. But this is not the day you need to have your project finished. You simply need to register your concept before the cutoff. This video walks you through the process, and we’ve included bullet points and links after the break for your convenience.

Here’s what you need to do right away:

As the August 4th, 2014 deadline approaches:

  • Add details to your project page. We’d like to see at least four build logs and build instructions. These are really easy to flesh out — talk about features, hardware choices, libraries you plan to use, etc.
  • Publish a second YouTube or Youku video (again, no more than two minutes) that shows any progress you have made and talks about hardware choices and the features you plan to include in the build. This video should prove to the judges that your concept is viable and will result in a working prototype by the end of the contest in November.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Freak Out — Your TODO List For August 4th

  1. That list is slightly different than the reply I got when I asked the question previously – namely in the 2nd video and after part.

    >You need a 5minute video by September 28th demonstrating a near-complete

    >Then if you have made it as far as the finals you will need another 5
    minute video demonstrating a completed working prototype by October

  2. Do you need to make the first concept video? I explained the concept in the description and logs on my project. I also made the second prototype video. I just wanted to know to save me a couple of hours filming when I could be working on my project. :)

    1. IMHO this is more like marketing for HaD than disclosing technical information. So if they have say 500 contestants, then there will be at least 500 videos made for this spamming youtube. Not that number can spam youtube in any form.

      I don’t think I had to make any presentations other than power points/excel (not even animations) to get my technical stuff points across at work.

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