2014 Red Bull Creation Is Under Way

We rolled into Detroit this morning and immediately wanted to know what the teams for the Red Bull Creation were up to. But first thing’s first, what’s the surprise theme? [Brian Benchoff] caught up with [Tyler Hansen] and [Jason Naumoff] who filled us in. The theme is “Reinvent the Wheel”.

The seven finalist teams are competing in a live, non-stop build which started yesterday and continues until tomorrow evening.

2 thoughts on “2014 Red Bull Creation Is Under Way

  1. Excuse me if this has been ask and answered previously. Will Hackaday ever again enter the contest itself? With team made up of the current roster of Hackney staff or volunteers from the Hackaday army? The ongoing space prize contest should create a decent pool of talent to assemble a team from.

    1. The last time we entered, we really, really screwed up the “vote for who goes to the finals” part of the contest. Thanks for that, by the way. For the two years since, the head editor of HaD was asked to be a judge, so competing was out of the question.

      The Hackaspace does open up some new possibilities, though…

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