Your 15 Days To Be Excellent


This is it. It’s time to step up and be a hardware hacker.

If you haven’t submitted your entry for The Hackaday Prize, get out that graph paper and mechanical pencil and start scribbling. The coming fortnight is your time to shine.

As of right now you have exactly fifteen days to tell us about your concept for an Open, Connected device. This doesn’t mean you have to finish the build, there’s time for that after the August 20th deadline. What you do need to do is describe your idea and explain how you plan to build a working prototype for the final deadline in early November.

I’ve appealed to your vanity — it’s hard to call yourself a hacker if you sit on the sidelines for this one! Now I’ll appeal to your want of recognition and the prizes that dreams are made of. Right now we haven’t quite crossed the 500 entry mark. When was the last time you had a chance as good as 1 in 500 for such a huge bag of booty?

12 thoughts on “Your 15 Days To Be Excellent

  1. “The Hackaday Prize will send one person into space for building the next evolution of hardware. ”
    That’s pretty high bar, I’m not surprised there are so few entries. Appears the entries feature so far are competing for the prizes lower than the grand prize, not there’s anything wrong with that. History shows that game changers are created by persons who would profit greatly over a long period of time by improving the process over how they where doing things at the time, they weren’t going for one time shot. A prize helped get the chronometer created, but the prize was to spur development of a specific item in great need at the time. Sorry in my opinion a joyride into space may not be likely to create game changers, but thanks for the effort. BTW; I just took a peek at the Wikipedia article, took 31 years for one man to develop it.

      1. A neutral non-critical opinion as to what may be one reason why Hackaday has to somewhat beg for more entries becomes personal attack; just another day on the web, if it wasn’t directed to something I wrote, it would have been directed somewhere else. What a dick if imn is male or that other thing that’s found near the same location down there if imn is female. No I’m not submitting anything . Not because. I’m lazy but because survived a severe brain injury 20 years ago that left me with hemiparesis and a drastically reduce income. I had plenty of projects under my belt prior to the injury. Nothing that’s well documented for publishing because of few publishing options many didn’t do anything other than rudimentary note. In my case that doesn’t matter none of them meet the high bar set by Hackaday for the grand prize, but some of my past project could be a contender for one of the lesser prizes. So why isn’t there link to your contest entry associated with your Hackaday username, are you lazy? ;)

    1. Considering how long Virgin Galactic has been tooting its vaporware horn, on the slim chance they ever do manage to get a commercial flight off the ground you’re going to have to wait ANOTHER ten or twenty years for them to get through the 600+ people ahead of you in line. I would be amazed if anyone intelligent enough to win is stupid enough to choose the prize HaD has been parading to news sites.

        1. It’s not a bluff; it’s perfectly true and also basically worthless. Just an expensive promise of a place at the end of a very long line that isn’t going to start getting shorter for decades, AKA sensationalist horseshit.

  2. Here’s my problem hackaday. I love this competition, it’s probably one of the coolest…ever. What I’m working on is NOT a “connected” device. It is isolated, I’m going for the most open [design] of an EMSEC secure computer. This means custom chips eventually but now I’m just going oldschool. It may need to come w/ a SCIF tent. Not only that, you need a computer w/ enough features to be useful to develop on too; from which to further develop a secure machine, and on and on…

    I don’t know how many times or to what extent you’ve been “hacked” or witnessed digital deception, but I’m putting a stop to that on my end.

    I can’t just design that on a whim, in a summer alone. I want it to be actually good, and not get ripped to shreds on HaD.

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