Open Source Marker Recognition for Augmented Reality


[Bharath] recently uploaded the source code for an OpenCV based pattern recognition platform that can be used for Augmented Reality, or even robots. It was built with C++ and utilized the OpenCV library to translate marker notations within a single frame.

The program started out by focusing in on one object at a time. This method was chosen to eliminate the creation of additional arrays that contained information of all of the blobs inside the image; which could cause some problems.

Although this implementation did not track marker information through multiple frames, it did provide a nice foundation for integrating pattern recognition into computer systems. The tutorial was straightforward and easy to ready. The entire program and source code can be found on Github which comes with a ZERO license so that anyone can use it. A video of the program comes up after the break:


17 thoughts on “Open Source Marker Recognition for Augmented Reality

  1. “and easy to ready” ?. Also, although this particular code uses ZERO licensing, for the whole system it’s probably not entirely correct, as it uses OpenCV, which is released under a BSD license, so at least that acknowledgement should be done when using the AR software.

  2. Awesome stuff, but it reminds me that I saw this recently;

    Open source camera based 3d position tracking, but can work on both large and small scales. Incredible stuff.

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