Homemade Portable Gold Mining Trommel

[TheJogdredge] has been testing out his new gold washing machines that he made at home. By running dirt laced with rocks through this trommel, gold and precious materials can be filtered out. A video of the process can be seen embedded below.

The rig — which is meant to be easily lugged around from site to site — is powered by a Honda GX120 motor. No plastic parts were used in the system to help make it more durable. But foregoing the use of plastic means that this guy is heavy. The rig weighs about 240 pounds dry, and 265 when soaking wet with a sluice box attached. The rubber tires allow for the machine to be maneuvered from place to place without much hassle.

Although the parts are described on the website, no how-to instructions for this specific device can be found online. This is probably due to the fact that [TheJogdredge] is trying to sell his products and make some money. Releasing the instructions on how to build your own would most likely cut into the potential profits of his design. Regardless of which, this is portable gold mining trommel and perfect for those looking to step up their gold mining and prospecting game. The real question on our minds is: can you get more gold for less effort this way, or through electronic junk mining?

28 thoughts on “Homemade Portable Gold Mining Trommel

  1. “Roughly, the rig weighs approximately 265 soaking wet.”

    “The rubber tires allow for the machine to be maneuvered from place to place without much hassle.”

    Uhh? It still weighs 265 pounds. Rubber tires help make it able to roll around but it still weighs 265 pounds.

      1. Ever tried getting out to a gold site? I found it surprisingly difficult when I went. Lots of big rocks in the river bed. I would make the CG as low as I can, that way it doesn’t fall over easily and you don’t have to lift the paydirt up as high.

    1. Dirt with gold flecks goes in the first hopper, the spinning tube uses differential in mass to separates the valuable stuff from plain rocks, the valuable stuff goes down the water slide (the sluice) and the heavy stuff (which is usually metal) gets stuck in the bottom of the track (which used to be made from left over carpet, and after you picked the carpet clean of tiny gold pieces and flecks of gold for several weeks, you’d burn the carpet to get the gold dust out).

      1. That is not how it works.

        The trommel works by screening the small stuff from the large stuff. A gold nugget, if it too big, will simply go right out the end into the pile of “waste.” Mass of the object really has nothing to do with it.

        IMHO, dry screening is faster and easier than wet. But, you then still have to run the dirt through a sluice anyway.

        1. I think it’s a real nice rig . It will be wonderful if there is clay in the soil . The tumbling will break it up better than just water and it would be great to have a re watering station for desert prospecting . Keep up the good work prospectors always find a way to get the equipment to the paydirt or bring the pay to the trommel . Prospector Dan

    1. So your failure to fix one minor fault for years means it’s an unreliable POS? Not sure I follow your logic.

      I used to work at a karting centre running a fleet of maybe 50 GX160’s, we removed the governors to let them rev a bit and those things took abuse day in, day out, for years. Probably put more miles on them than most people put on a car engine. One got hit so hard in a crash the block cracked and you could see the conrod going up & down, still ran fine.

    1. It’s not a hack, it’s just some guys invention that he will eventually market and sell to desperate men thinking they’ll strike it rich with this toy.

      And that’s where the money is in gold mining – selling stuff to the marks. The real pros don’t waste time with this stuff.

    1. You People are a bunch of couch critics. I will bet not 1 of you ever mined 1 ounce of gold on your own. Ans definitely not with a machine you designed and built. Well, this man who built this trommel did with many tools he made, Ans I bought this machine, and it was less than 1 ounce of gold. I have mined over 22 ounces in 14 months and this trommel is excellent. Its 265lbs and hard to get to good pay well if it was easy all you guys be doing it. But instead sit home coitizing a man you never met about a machine you never tried, I do not know him, but he does not sell them for profit just to help fellow miners who mine on a small scale ger more gold. And he is the best. If you think you can do better there is about 150 people min my group would love to see if not eat more popcorn drink a soda and comment on what you know. With this trommel which uses 6 gallons of gas on a long day and nothing else but shovels and buckets and hand digging tools with hard work off our butts that we now mine for a living. And he is our number 1 idea man when we look. So, you can make great money and enjoy people’s company instead of talking about things you have never attempted. If you did you would agree. So, stop complaining get off your but and show us different. I bet you cant.

  2. You varmints! Dat dere is gold I tell ya! It is in the value of the rocks taken to yer local quarry. I should know I am The roughest, toughest, mean ol’ hombre to ever jump a claim. I’ve ventured far and wide in my travels, be it by air, land or sea. I’ve been a pirate, a prospector and a gunslinger, to name but a few. North, south, east, and west, it seems no matter where destiny takes me, there he be, the thorn in my side … that same ol’ long eared, carrot crunchin’ rabbit … goes by the name-a-Bugs Bunny.

    Great Honry Toads, that rabbut can jump a claim. I’ll be taking my gold (that he painted…) and collectin’ my obama money!

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