Prototype LED Light Suit Runs Off Of A NES Power Glove

Power Glove LED Suit

[Greg’s] been playing around with wearable hacks for quite some time now, and he’s decided to add a new twist for his latest LED light suit (Mk 4) — An ancient NES Power Glove to control it.

He was inspired by the band Hypercrush who had a music video where one of the guys was wearing a laser-shooting power glove — awesome. Having already made light suits before, he thought it’d be fun to do something similar.

The suit is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini which has been hacked into the Power Glove for ultimate button pushing capabilities. He’s using 5 meter LED strips of the classic WS2812  RGB variety, which allow for individual LEDs to be addressed using a single pin. It’s powered by a 5V 2A USB battery pack, and he’s made all the components very modular, you could even say it’s “plug and play”!

Power Gloves make a great starting point for some really cool projects — someone converted one to a WiiMote once, and in celebration of its 20th anniversary, someone brought one up to speed technologically.

[Thanks Andrew!]

12 thoughts on “Prototype LED Light Suit Runs Off Of A NES Power Glove

  1. Wow. So many haters. It’s a powerglove – it was a piece of shit even when new. Get over it. This guy has made something cool with it, where otherwise it would have just sat unused in a drawer or something.

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