10th Anniversary Trinket Pro Now In The Hackaday Store

Black solder mask and proudly sporting the Jolly Wrencher? The 10th Anniversary Trinket Pro boards just hit the Hackaday Store.

These were actually the suggestion of [Phil Torrone]. He founded Hackaday way back in 2004 and is now CEO of Adafruit Industries. Shortly after I asked him to record a remembrance of his time at Hackaday for the anniversary party he suggested these boards (normally blue and missing our logo) as a limited-edition for the event. It took just two weeks for them to crank out 585 of them.

I’m most likely biased for many reasons. Obviously I like putting the skull and wrenches on everything, and black solder mask is just cool. I also adore the ATmega328 (my 8-bit go-to chip for prototyping) and am especially fond of this form factor as it makes for super simple on-the-go firmware coding.

Once we sell 560 of them they will never return. We’re betting that Adafruit will have an even better minuscule breakout board for our 25th Anniversary. Do you think quantum computing will have trickled down to the single-chip prototyping stage by then?

Update: We’ve updated shipping rates on the store. Orders over $25 in the USA now have free shipping. International shipping is free for orders over $50. We will continue to try and reduce shipping rates as much as possible. We’re new to this so stay tuned!

32 thoughts on “10th Anniversary Trinket Pro Now In The Hackaday Store

      1. OK shipping costs have been changed. We’re still struggling to figure out the margins and the average shipping price, but are working to try and bring down shipping as much as possible.

        But please don’t compare us to Ebay! The Chinese government actually subsidize international shipping out of China for Ebay sellers to remain competitive. We obviously don’t get that subsidy here in the USA!

        1. Oh, that’s very interesting. I’ve always wondered how the f_ck they manage to keep the prices so insanely low while still being able to make any sort of profit. That makes a whole lot of sense.

      2. The PCB looks like it is not going to be more than 30g so I can’t see why they couldn’t mail it as an international letter for a couple of bucks.

        The US postal rate is also subsidized. May be not as much as China. There are Canadian companies crossing the border to the US just to ship stuff back to Canada to save money over Canadian postage.

        1. The USPS rate is certainly not subsidized. In fact half of the politicians in the country are trying to kill it by using it’s lack of subsidization combined with a mandate on prices as it’s Achilles heel.

          Should you find on any tax form or regulation an indication of what goes to the USPS let us know.

  1. Can you pretty please make it so that it can be ordered with the free T-shirt and still get free delivery?
    It can’t cost 17usd extra to put a trinket in with the T-shirt!

    1. Unfortunately that will be pretty hard. The free shipping is kind of a hack on top of shopify, you basically say that if the cart cost is 0, then shipping is free. We’ll see if we can come up with some other workaround, but I suspect it won’t be easy. Shoot us an email though and maybe we can work something out.

      1. Hairball… Hack…
        OK, you’ve just imprinted an image in my brain that won’t go away. And gave a new meaning to an activity that I enjoy. Thank you very much.
        I’ll think I’ll go outside, eat some catnip and pee on the neighbor’s front porch.

  2. Shipping to Au is always a pain. We are Geo-challenged living down under.
    Compared to a pro mini at $4.95 delivered to your door ,its hard to justify the $17US post

    If it had some onboard Rf, like say the cheap Nrf24l01 and a 3A bridge ,Now THAT would be hard to turn down. :-) Imagine optiboot with NRF support, wirelessly upload code!

  3. Okay, since you didn’t make the Hackduino available, even though I begged for it,
    I purchased 3 of these. Even though it doesn’t have a Guaranteed Breakable Bottle Opener, the Trink-kit is small enough to be attached to a regular bottle opener, so I can have a blinking LED and a bottles opened counter with mine.

    Anyway, I had promised myself not to buy anymore cool *duino stuff until I got a job, but
    when you said they were a Limited Edition, I pulled out my crowbar and pried my wallet open.

    1. I only got one, and now I have a dilemma: Do i leave it as-is for the collector value, or do I go ahead and solder on the headers?

      And I have a question: Any good HaD themed projects for this? I know there’s lots I could do with it, but something from HaD would be best.

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