Star Gate LED Clock Has Plenty Of Pizazz

Star Gate Clock

[David Hopkins] has finally finished off his Star Gate LED clock over on and it looks fantastic.

We originally featured his progress with the project in Hacklet 18 – Tick Tock, it’s Time for Clocks, and we’re happy to say it’s finally complete. The clock features 60 WS2812 LEDs to simulate the Star Gate’s chevrons — and to tell the time. Under the hood is an RTC, an Arduino Nano, an LDR and even an hourly ‘chime’. Did we mention it also automatically dims at night?

What we’re almost more impressed with is the build quality, which [David] doesn’t actually mention how he did it — regardless, it looks great! Stick around after the break to see a video of it in action, so you can really appreciate the clock’s capabilities.

We still think the Bacon Alarm Clock is one of our favorite ways of waking up though. Although if you’re in a hurry diffusing a bomb clock might be more effective…

8 thoughts on “Star Gate LED Clock Has Plenty Of Pizazz

    1. It is a very nice build (some nice detail – not just in the paint job but the contact and removal ring is very neat).
      While it lacks the toilet flushing visuals in the middle of the ring, I was impressed with how effective the lighting is with recreating the same light ‘fall’ (as if the visual was there)

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