Developed On Hackaday: The Answer Is Below

In one month the Mooltipass offline password keeper project will be one year old.

We hope that our twice a month Developed on Hackaday series posts allowed our dear readers to see what are the steps involved in a device’s life, going from idea to prototype to crowdfunding-ready product. The Mooltipass is the fruit of a unique world-wide collaboration around open source, developed by and for security minded people who (for most of them) never saw each other. Relating our progress here enabled us to benefit from our readers’ feedback and make sure that we didn’t miss important wanted features. Contrary to other campaigns that we often debunk on Hackaday, we preferred to wait until we had a beta-tester approved device to move to the crowdfunding stage. Our geekiest readers will therefore find the launch date embedded in this post, other may want to subscribe to our official Google group to stay updated.

17 thoughts on “Developed On Hackaday: The Answer Is Below

  1. binary unix time stamp in the display?

    Although i still see no need in something like that, nice to see such a Qapla’ in this project!

    note to self: stop watching TNG and reading HaD at the same time…

  2. I have leaned you Shoot with a Canon 70D, Have Firmware 1.1.1 and your lens serial number is 000022aba1 but cannot find any secret message…Hex has proven to be a dead end as well for now…will have to try regroup and try again.

    BTW I shoot with a 50D and use magic lantern, ever given it a try?

  3. ONE Year. ONE Month. TWICE a month. 11-2…. or rather Today. At least that’s what my monkey brain got. If they weren’t embedding the numbers there it would most likely have been “In a month the Mooltipass offline password keeper project will be a year old.” and it would probably have been “Semimonthly.” instead of “Twice a month”.

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