Hackaday Links: November 2, 2014

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Russians blowing up capacitors! As we all know, electronics only work because of blue smoke. [kreosan] is releasing this blue smoke from a few hundred caps. Fun times, even if they are a large number of inert tube shields in their collection of caps.

[mayhugh1] over on the home model engine machinist forum has built an 18 cylinder radial engine. It’s based on the Hodgson 9-cylinder radial engine that has been around for a while. The crank case is machined from a 5″ diameter rod of aluminum. There’s a Picassa album of the engine being constructed as well.

[Richard] wanted a Minecraft server, but not just any Minecraft server; this one demanded a custom case. A grass block was the inspiration, acrylic the medium, and a quad-core Mini-ITX the guts of the project.

Halloween was last Friday, and as always the tip line filled up with costume builds. [Leif] built a Ghostbusters costume complete with Muon trap, [Jeff] printed out some steampunk post-apocolyptic goggles, and [Green Gentleman] made a death-a-corn, although we’re struggling to figure out why the last one isn’t called an acorn-‘o-lantern.

[Matthias Wandel], a.k.a. the woodgears.ca dude,  is well-known in certain circles for being a wizard of wood. One of the first projects that put him on the map was a pantorouter – a router to cut mortises and tenons. He’s going back to his roots and building a bigger version. This version uses models of routers that are available outside North America, and in the latest video [Matthias] has it dialed in very well.

The Open Source Remote Control was an entry for The Hackaday Prize that didn’t make the final cut. It’s now an indiegogo project, and has some really cool tech we can’t wait to see in mainstream RC transmitters.

16 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: November 2, 2014

    1. we we don’t know if they side with putin or ukraine, but yes they are definitely in ukraine as they have a video where they are doing ‘experiments’ while mortar shells are flying near by.

  1. My mind is always blown when I see a mechanical project like that radial engine. I love my electronics, but I sometimes wish I had the skills (and tools) to be able to create something like that!

    1. My mind is blown too! Unfortunately the link took me to 400+ photos in a pseudo-order and no words to describe what each picture was… it did become somewhat obvious as the parts took shape. Was there a link to a video of it actually running?

  2. I would love to have one of these! I haven’t been flying as much as I used to though….

    The OSRC did what hackaday called a “pseudo kickstarter” a few years ago and I guess did a previous Indigogo campaign as well (maybe that’s what pseudo kickstarter meant?). I’m curious to know what is new/improved/different this time around.

  3. Wow…..

    When I was a tiny tot, I used to see my dad with parts that looked a lot like that Radial engine. I used to play with the “discards” while sitting with him in the workshop while he had some kind of engine apart. I still have a scar on my hand when I touched the hot exhaust one time.

    I had completely forgotten all about those years and the origin of the scar until I saw the pictures of the radial engine and the component pieces.

    All I can remember of it now is that it was tall, about four or five feet, painted bright yellow and was positioned on its side.Not sure if it is a radial now, but it looks very much like the 9 cylinder. It saddens me that I believe my mother likely sold the beast after my father’s death.

    Oh well…. It was a pleasant memory.

  4. >Open Source Remote Control

    yay, this is going to be third? fourth crowd sourced campain for this? at least this time they have something working in the video, so its not a scam like it was first 2-3 times before

  5. kreosan – those “russians” – have a VERY interesting YT channel

    listening to magnetic radiation using old walkman (english subtitles)

    investigating low voltage signalling between train tracks (and charging old Nokia phone using that signal)

    measuring their home power connections short circuit amperage .. shorting it by hand :D :O 140A at 240V = >30KW?!?!?!, even photoinduction would be impressed

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