“Stomach Shot” Halloween Costume

"Stomach Shot" lets you see through your zombie corpse.

Halloween may have come and gone, but [Luis] sent us this build that you’ll want to check out. An avid Walking Dead fan, he put in some serious effort to an otherwise simple bloody t-shirt and created this see-through “stomach shot” gunshot wound.

The project uses a Raspi running the Pi Camera script to feed video from a webcam on the back of his costume to a 7″ screen on the front. [Luis] attached the screen to a GoPro chest harness—they look a bit like suspenders—to keep it centered, then built up a layer of latex around the display to hide the hard edges and make it more wound-like. Power comes from a 7.4V hobby Lipo battery plugged into a 5V voltage converter.

After ripping a small hole in the back of his t-shirt for the webcam and a large hole in the front for the screen, [Luis] applied the necessary liberal amount of fake blood to finish this clever shotgun blast effect.

12 thoughts on ““Stomach Shot” Halloween Costume

  1. Maybe it’s just me but this costume doesn’t work for me. I saw a version of it in person and unless you’re looking at it at exactly the right angle, it just looks like a zombie with an iPad strapped to their chest.

  2. I’ve done something similar duct taping an old phone behind a hole ripped into the heart area of a T-shirt with a looping CGI GIF of a beating heart playing.

    It’s a pretty novel low effort costume that only costs an old tshirt (assuming you have a phone or portable media player lying about in a case you don’t mind duct taping).

    1. Actually a really cool idea. Use the backup cam and since it gives a fisheye, throw a glass bowl over the ‘wound’ to give it a dome shape and fill the bottom with some blood. Tinted red silicone with floating guts for example would not spill.

      This has the side-effect of improving the view angle issue [Ben] posts above.

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