We’re Hiring A Full-Time Hackaday Prize Mythical Creature

On occasion we advertise jobs for Hackaday but this time around is an exceptionally big deal. The Hackaday Prize was an amazing adventure this year, and we’re already hard at work on the plans for the 2015 Hackaday Prize. To realize our vision for the movement we need someone who will live and breathe THP. We need to find the Hackaday Prize Mythical Creature.

This person will hold in their mind all things Hackaday Prize. The HPMC will gallivant across the land (both digital and real) heralding the message of grass-roots, high-level hardware development. Obviously this involves recruiting highly skilled Hackers, Designers, and Engineers to compete for the prize. But the HPMC will also make sure that the amazing creations competing for the Prize get the widespread recognition they deserve.

There are a lot of nuts and bolts to the job. The HPMC will lead the planning of all live events. The many talents of the Hackaday and Supplyframe crews will be fully and efficiently tapped thanks to the legendary organizational and people skills wielded by the HPMC. Can you see why we’re calling this job candidate a Mythical Creature?

The point is, we are going to accomplish great things in 2015 and beyond. We need the perfect person to make sure it happens smoothly. Mythical Creatures, sharpen your CV’s and apply now.

27 thoughts on “We’re Hiring A Full-Time Hackaday Prize Mythical Creature

    1. Obviously they are looking for a unicorn. What do they eat? They live on rainbows, right? Rainbow upkeep must be huge. They have to keep all those photons from mixing up and all.

    1. Even telling them repeatedly, “a lot of you are going to procrastinate, and we don’t want the day after the final submission date to be the day with the most submissions” doesn’t work.

      Actually, it was only 51 entries submitted on the day after the cutoff, and you can’t blame a discrepency of time zones on that; the server is pacific time. The only people who would be submitting after server time, but still on the right day ‘their’ time would be people in Alaska, Hawaii, and French Polynesia.

      1. Easy way might just be to accept the fact that people are going to submit late – so just set the official submission date a day (or several) before the date you actually want all the submissions by (but don’t tell anyone, or else they’ll wait until THAT day!).

        And to get around people complaining about others being let in after the deadline, maybe put a disclaimer somewhere that late submissions *may* be considered. XP

  1. The state* is a mythical creature. It’s also for hire!

    *) [the state], as in “the state is us” or “you are being indefinitely held for potential crimes against the state”.
    In contrast, [the government] is a real monopolistic organization comprised of real (if deluded) people…

  2. Well I guess this kind of answers two of my unanswered questions.
    1) Did you get your money’s worth…. I guess not since they feel they need to do a better job of getting more than the already small existing hack a day community involved…
    2) What would you do differently….. See above. Try to make more money.

    Still waiting for the answer to the “SPACE!!!!” marketing gimmick questions.

    1. > Did you get your money’s worth…. I guess not since they feel they need to do a better job of getting more than the already small existing hack a day community involved…

      You’re misinterpreting the reason for the new hire. The Prize was a metric shit ton of work, and we were overextended. Doing it again – in addition to the hackaspace we’re building out, the store, and some other sorta secret really cool stuff that we should have been doing 5 years ago – without extra help would be insanity.

      > Still waiting for the answer to the “SPACE!!!!” marketing gimmick questions.

      What questions? Any answer relating to ‘SPACE’ would be moot, because the satnogs guys took the cash (as would be expected. You’re really going to turn down $200k cash for a week in new mexico or mojave?)

      1. Space question….
        With the big push for the whole “SPACE!!!!!!” thing, did you plan it as a marketing ploy from the beginning knowing the chances of anyone taking a trip to space (at some indefinite later point since there is no real viable vehicle at this point) over the $200,000 being supremely small? Do you think it paid off more than just offering a $200,000 design contest? If you were serious about the “SPACE!!!!” thing, why not make it a term of the entry contract saying that is the only grand prize option?

  3. Day three ( or is it day four at this point) of Hackaday’s “Hackaday Prize Mythical Creature” hunt….How goes the quest? Any potential Twilight Sparkles appearing in the rough yet? I’ve some how grown enthusiastic about all this — not enough to apply though. No where near zee qualifications. Nothing mythical here. Just a nerd herder with a sharpie and some twizzlers. Do update us on your progress, ( in maybe a weeks time as am sure most folks will forget about all this in about two more days) would love to know how it continues — maybe a comic strip I was enjoying the shorts around Store Launch.

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