Hackaday Links: February 8, 2015

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[CNLohr] is famous for his extremely strange projects, including something that does something with Minecraft that even he can’t describe. Over the years, he’s built up a vast collection of projects that have been both incredible fails and successes. Here’s a video tour of all those projects.

For this week’s edition “Kickstarter is going insane”, you only need to look at the title of the campaign: Tesla Coils for North Korea.

Last week, a few slow scan TV signals were received from the International Space Station. Here’s the reddit thread.

The worst thing about using an Arduino in a semi-professional environment is the IDE. Here’s cuwire, a better IDE.

Wanna see something insane? How about an SSH library written in x64 assembly?

Radio Shack is in its death throes, and since you haven’t gone in the last few years, you might as well head out one last time and pick up some items on clearance. Here’s the list of store closings (PDF) and all 1,784 stores slated to be closed plotted on Google Maps.

10 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: February 8, 2015

    1. The first wave should be done by February 17.
      The second wave should be done by February 28.
      The third wave should be done by March 31.

      That’s pretty quick, something is sure to go interestingly wrong.

  1. Obviously for where I am, in Astoria Queens, its the second and third waves of stores, and none in the areas in question. Most of them are in areas I rarely visit except for one between a Mall and a Target I do visit. The best way to save that chain surfaced years ago, and it was to discontinue selling Cell phones outright sometime about the time they hired the idiot who should be responsible for this calamity.

  2. Interestingly it appears that none of the California RS stores in the East Bay are being slated to close. Especially surprising is the one right near my house. Don’t think I’ve ever been in there when there was another customer.

  3. That tesla coils for NK campaign is actually not insane at all as you might have thought initially.

    The goal being to sell mini tesla coil kits to finance making a homemade drone that can fly from the US to Pyongyang to show off technological prowess.
    Only problem is that it might piss off the north koreans and give them ideas, and the ones returning might not be as pleasant.. But hey, then the US navy can test their fancy laser weapon.

    Still, it would be a feat to make a homemade drone that could cross the vast ocean and end in a selected city, and it is technically possible. I wonder if you were to put a gopro on it the north koreans would show some of the footage.

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