Video From Audio And Pure Data

Although graphical programming languages have been around for ages, they haven’t really seen much use outside of an educational setting. One of the few counterexamples of this is Pure Data, and Max MSP, visual programming languages that make music and video development as easy as dropping a few boxes down and drawing lines between them.

A few years ago, [Thomas] and [Danny] developed a very cool Pure Data audio-visual presentation. The program they developed only generated graphics, but though clever coding they were able to generate a few audio signals from whatever video was coming out of their computer. The project is called TVestroy, and it’s one of the coolest audio-visual presentations you’ll ever see.

The entire program is presented on three large screens and nine CRT televisions. With some extremely clever code and a black box of electronics, the video becomes the audio. Check it out below.

Although this is a relatively old build, [Thomas] thought it would be a good idea to revisit the project now. He’s open sourced most of the Pure Data files, and everything can be downloaded on the project page.

12 thoughts on “Video From Audio And Pure Data

  1. 60Hz bagpipes sounding a dirge for analogue TV.
    Makes me nostalgic for those days before SAW filters when captions and titles buzzed thru the poorly aligned combined IF stages into the sound.

  2. “it’s one of the coolest audio-visual presentations you’ll ever see.” Were we watching the same videos?! I’d say it’s one of the most sadistic audio-visual presentations you’ll ever see.

        1. Wow! All of a sudden there’s a 2600 demo scene! That’s amazing. Knowing the very specific limitations of the 2600’s graphics, it’s interesting to figure out how they do things. Or to try at least.

  3. I will just assume you guys never used/saw Milkdrop and even better, AVS(display output/effects for Winamp) and the epic packs that were created be competing teams all over the long gone Winamp forums.
    The only one remaining group that I could find in 30 secs is VisBot.
    And I fondly remember El-Vis and is innovative sets!
    You can still find some avs packs, and with some luck all the plugins/avs extensions/effects that some relly on and enjoy beautiful FHD(or more the sky is the limite) effects, not pixel crap.

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