Dealing With Fallout

In just a few short days, Fallout 4 will be released and a substantial portion of the Hackaday staff will be taking the day off. As you would expect, a lot of people with 3D printers, soldering irons, and far too much time on their hands are getting pumped for the Fallout release. Here’s a few Fallout builds we’ve found over the past few weeks:


919501417186321280The most iconic thing you’ll find in a Fallout game is the Pip-Boy, the UI for the player and a neat wrist-mounted computer (that somehow has a CRT in it, I guess) for the player’s character. Hackaday’s own [Will Sweatman] built his own Pip-Boy 3000 that’s completely functional. The build uses a 4.3 inch touch display, a 10 position rotary switch, and a bunch of 3D printed parts.

Elsewhere on, [Karl] is working on a functional Pip-Boy controller for Fallout, and [cody] built one with a Raspberry Pi. Of course, if you’re super special and have two thousand dollars to blow, Bethesda released a limited-edition Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 that’s compatible with most cell phones.

The Not Pip-Boys


There’s more to Fallout than just wrist-mounted computers, and for the true aficionados, there are gigantic gear-shaped doors. [TreyHill] has a partially finished basement with a gaming room tucked behind his very own vault door. The door itself is built out of plywood and rolls along a gear rack mounted to the floor. Will it hold up to a nuclear blast? Probably not. Is it up to code? It looks cool, at least.

[Lilykill] on Thingiverse is extremely capable with a copy of solidworks and produced a bunch of 3D models from the Fallout universe that includes power armorray guns, more Pip-Boys, plasma grenades, and a Nuka-Cola truck.

Fallout 4 for the Apple II

Fallout 4 will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, leaving out a large contingent of retro gamers. Fear not, lovers of the 6502: there’s’ a version for the Apple II:

This tribute to both the Apple II and Fallout was made with the Outlaw Editor, an SDK for pseudo-3D game development on exceedingly old hardware. There’s actual ray casting happening in this tribute, and it works just the same as Wolfenstein 3D or the like.

24 thoughts on “Dealing With Fallout

  1. “…and far too much time on their hands”

    God, how I dislike that phrase. Such a value judgement. Like making a working Pipboy is somehow less worthy of one’s time than watching sportsball. Because that’s what people who speak that phrase are doing with their time. They aren’t making things. They’re consuming things.

    1. I absolutely agree that “…and far too much time on their hands” is incredibly deconstructive. It’s a way to tell people that their passions are meaningless and that utilitarian values are the only way to properly live life. Screw that, do what you love.

    2. This. So much this.

      I make some really odd things but I don’t do it just to kill time and spend money. It is the pleasure of going through the process. What is valuable to me in regards to time is going to be vastly different than anyone else. Just about everyone who reads this site does things for the sake of doing them. Very few folks actually make things to save money or get a “higher quality” product (with a few exceptions, of course). It’s all about the experience.

    3. I think it can be said rather lovingly, like I guess the article does, as HAD is more or less a chronicle over the projects tinkerers do when they have “time on their hands”.

      In another context I agree that it could be very dismissive over what is essentially a creative hobby.

    4. People like concise phrases. Often without even thinking about the content or implications thereof. That is the appeal of hashtags, catch phrases, sound bytes, and the like.

      Here is your chance to craft and offer a better sound byte phrase that fixes everything about the “too much time” one. Put it out there, advocate, perpetuate. This could be a hackaday post of its own.

    5. “Time spend doing what you love… Is Time NOT wasted.” -Don’t Care, Don’t Remember

      >“…and far too much time on their hands”

      Ugh, yeah.

      Only caveat is when they want to show off their used bubble gum collection or fantasy sportball picks.

    1. I changed the internal script files to make sure DogMeat would level up same time I did and the same AP, AC and stats/resistances I had. It became awesome when I had the Power Armor and DogMeat would critically explode a super mutant.

      Not to mention FO2 – With the MIB88 or Restoration Project + Miria_mod
      Miria becomes the most bad ass wife most would dream to have.

      P.S. Don’t hack you AGI/AP because you’ll get irritated she kills Horrigan before you do.

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