DIY Electroluminescent Wire, Russian Style

Our favorite Russian mad scientists, [Kreosan], have shocked us yet again with another terribly ill-advised, super bad idea. Home made EL wire that runs off of mains voltage.

From the picture it looks a lot like EL wire, doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually just a nickel chromium wire hooked up to the main AC supply in their…. uh, testing house? Doesn’t look like they live there, so we have to wonder why it still has power. Anyway, yeah, they made a restive load using the wire, and connected it directly to the panel. So besides the fire hazard, you could also get electrocuted!

For house decorations it’s a great way to warm the place up, and it might even help start a fire if you’re lucky!

These are the same guys who showed us what happens when you take the magnetron out of a microwave oven. You get a microwave gun.

Most of their experiments are just plain bad ideas, though they do answer those questions of “what if…” — we just hope they don’t hurt themselves in the process of sharing their crazy projects.

[Thanks for the tip Danjovic!]

66 thoughts on “DIY Electroluminescent Wire, Russian Style

    1. nope, genuine Russians it seems. Here’s the google translate of the video description:

      In this video, I’ll show you how to build a simple heater capacity from 10 to 100 kW. This will require steel wire and wire. During assembly of the first sample, I cut a piece of wire 3 meters long with a diameter of 1.7 mm. And connected to its end 220. The current in the circuit up to 100 amps, so it is best to connect to machines that would not burn the wiring. Nichrome wire is not suitable. Due to its high electrical resistance it can be removed only 1 – 2 kW. But steel has a lower resistance, due to which power is much greater. Immediately after the heat is felt, and a minute later warmed walls and furniture. This is beyond the power of a conventional heater. For convenience and security, we recommend to wind wire on asbestos pipe with legs. Power depends on the thickness and length of the wire. but do not take too short, or melted. I gathered four of the heater at a different capacity. Their parameters and the ability to see in this video.

      no fun without asbestos right ..

        1. So they restored power then eh.

          I think in general people see ukrainians as a version of russians btw. Although some might not like to hear it because for them there is a notable difference.
          Oh and eastern ukraine is largely ‘ethnic russians’ anyway right?

          1. They were born in USSR. So fucknows.
            I was born in USSR on territory of Latvia, both of my parents and my grandparents were born there as well, language we speak in family (and pretty much around 40-45% of folks in Latvia) is Russian, my citizenship is Latvian, I’ve never been to Russia. My name and surname is Russian, but spelled in Latvian manner.
            So, try to figure out, am I Russian or Latvian. Kinda the same for Kreosan and his buds.

      1. Probably because our horrific war mongering government is supporting the EU in it’s attempt to annex ukraine, all while spreading rampant clearly hizsorically mistaken propaganda framing russia as the ‘agressors’

        Could it be that?

        Must be!

        Americans have roughly zero tolerance for facing the facts about what we have done to the world in the last 15-20 years.

        Globalization is a horrorshow.

        1. I’m pretty convinced most of the ukrainian population wishes to be annexed by the EU/US.

          I think they have a naïve rose-colored view of the EU, but that’s besides the point. Regardless if it’s stupid or not, and regardless if they are being played, it’s what they seem to want. And who knows, maybe it’s the best option for them in the long run. It’s not for us to decide really. (although we can complain about the shenanigans and motivation of our politicians in their involvement with the place.)

      2. So pointing out a factual error is making and issue?
        It’s probably similar to constantly calling someone a different given name (think Charles and Charlie), names don’t really matter but it may be awfully annoying. Except in the case of countries in a state of military conflict it’s also terribly politically incorrect.

        1. The paypal link on the youtube is ‘’, notice the .ru.
          So maybe the author considers himself russian. And there are russians in ukraine (legally too), so we can call those russian mad scientist regardless of their location.

          It would be wrong to call all russians in the ukraine ‘aggressor’, there is a rich history and many ukrainins live in russia and russians in ukraine, peacefully without hating each other. Even when politicians try to sour the remaining good relationships.

    1. Why should any video be prolonged with such nonsense? I do not want to waste my time on hearing such stuff as well as reading 5 pages of you agree to this and that. If you are not worth the information, Darwin with you. Nobody has removed your own responsibility from your stupid actions, if you die from it, your fault. And the others are free to laugh about it.

  1. It’s electric, and luminous, but it’s not electroluminescence.

    I also wonder where they get enough electricity to power that thing, they saw 10 to 100KW? Steel wire glowing red-hot? Just… why?

    1. Actually most of their ‘experiments’ are conducted in one of their relatives house. I don’t recall which, but I think it’s the younger one’s grandmothers house. I believe you can see that in one the videos where they blow up capacitors.

  2. They are not Russians. Lugansk is a city in Ukraine that is occupied by separatists and Russian troops. Therefore, they are Ukrainian. Ukraine in state of war with Russia, not civil war.

      1. There are Russian troops on the ground and fighting on Ukranian soil. I think it’s safe to say they’re at war with Russia. Also, part of the reason Russia got so far is because unlike Russia, none of the EU states has been willing to make any kind of military intervention there.

  3. Now I can’t be sure of the entire translation but I believe the part where they showed the wire heart it went something “…and if you try anything in this video this is the first of your organs you’ll destroy.”

    1. It looks like they are hooking directly to the mains prior to the service/provider’s fuse (behind the meter too).
      I did wonder if they were causing enough of a voltage drop for the infrastructure management to notice? It seemed that the house’s lighting dimmed until the wire got hot and the resistance increased.

      1. Considering that they live in an area with regular shellings and all that fun civil war stuff going on, I doubt that the service providers will notice especially since so much infrastructure already is crippled over there. Look at their tour videos of Lugansk to see what I mean

        1. If electricity is working, over months, then there are technicians keeping it running, that stuff doesn’t keep running by magic.
          And in shelled areas it’s even more important to disconnect damaged circuits and stuff to keep things running.
          So yes those brave common workers are doing their best to keep people’s live somewhat normal. And it’s commendable.

          Look at iraq after the invasion to see what normally happens when there aren’t hundred of people working to keep things going.

  4. To me it seems pretty clear that they just go around in their war torn neighborhood and loot houses/dick around. Where do you think the microwaves and shit they destroy comes from? The video are interesting but I stopped watching them because of that. Imagine coming back to your house after you had to flee the area only to find that some asshat grilled half of your stuff.

      1. Yah, if things got so bad that I had to flee my homeland I don’t think I would expect to find much of value when I got back. There’s a reason one leaves, right? If I found that this was the particulars of how I lost my stuff.. that someone had done something like this rather than ‘normal’ looting/burning/shelling… that would just be an intersting surprise.

        1. Maraudery in a war torn area in that part of the world carries a death penalty. Usually delivered by the arriving officer on scene. At least this is how it was in Soviet times.
          By the looks of it, these houses have been long abandoned and condemned.
          As far as ethnic Russian or Ukrainian issue is concerned, Ukraine is comprised of Austria, Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Poland, Russia and other nearby areas that shifted borders. Ukraine as a separate country has not been in existance long. Most people that call themselves Ukrainian and not Russian today, are descendants of Austrian and Hungarian people.
          There are other ethnic groups such as Cossacs, Jews, Tatars and Turks in the country. The area used to be ruled as Kievan Rus (Kiev Russia) in ancient times, it was also a part of Old Bulgaria. More recently as a Cossac republic, then split between Russia and Poland, then part of Soviet Union, finally a separate country towards the end of the 20th century.
          There is alot of history there. Due to the breakup of Soviet Union, there are many people if the last few generations that identify themselves as Russian, even when they are from parts of the old USSR that are now separate countries, myself included (even though i am from Belarus, USSR).
          Ukraine has gone through a few revolutions in the past two decades, the most recent has foreign politics involved from USA and EU interests, this mixed in with Russian interests results in unneccessary strife.
          One major reason most ethnic Ukrainians have a distaste for Russia is due to the starvation of Ukraine under Stalin as part of the mass collectivism and other Socialist doctrines.
          For young readers that are big fans of Socialism and communist way if life, do some reading and research to see how the reality of how such a place runs.
          Ukrainians in turn provided support to Hitler during WW2, this did not bode well for the Austrian and Hungarian polulation of the country. Many people were sent to camps just for being of an Austrian descent after the war.
          So to make the short story long, the relations between Ukraine and Russia are not as black and white as we see on tv, there is a large gray area.
          With the exception of a few groups of well organized idiots on both sides, Russian and Ukranians are good friends.

          Now lets get back to what this site is about, texhnology (Lets leave politics to the professionals; lawyers and idiots).

          The current going through the wire is running off a 220V supply. 220v divided by one or two ohms that the steel wire provides results in over a hundred amps going through the wire taken before the fuses and distribution.
          At the end of the video the guy says, as you can see, with the use of some basic items you can make an effective heater, just dont get electricuted or set anything on fire.

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