Netflix And Chill – And Socks?

Waking up to spoilers in the last episode after falling asleep during the first episode of a Netflix binge-watching session ranks right up there on the list of first-world problems. Luckily there’s a solution in the form of a pair of Netflix enabled socks, which looks like a pretty neat wearable IoT project.

To be sure, calling these socks Netflix enabled is a bit of a stretch. Aside from the sock designs, which are based on popular Netflix original series, there’s nothing about the electronics that’s specific to the popular streaming service. These socks, with their Arduino Pro Trinket and accelerometer, detect when you stop moving and send an IR signal to do your bidding – pause the movie, kill the TV, or whatever. The electronic side of the build is pretty approachable – it’s just a couple of modules soldered together. The fiber arts side of the project might be a little outside the wheelhouse of the typical hardware hacker, but you can either team up with someone who knits – an experienced knitter, as socks are not a beginner’s pattern – or just slip the felt-clad hardware into your favorite comfy socks. We’d be a bit concerned about ESD protection for the hardware in the wooly environment, though.

“Netflix and chill” is the current version of last century’s “Watching the submarine races,” and as such the need for special socks or a custom Netflix switch for the occasion is a bit puzzling. Still, the underlying wearables idea is pretty good, with plenty of possibilities for expansion and repurposing.

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18 thoughts on “Netflix And Chill – And Socks?

  1. Seriously. This is not a hack, just a poorly disguised ad. I am not that convinced that the problem is real, nor that an accelerometer on my foot can reliably detect wether I am sleeping or not. With the funding they should be able to afford, I’d recommend a lot more time spent on the idea phase. And then some more time in the R&D phase.

  2. A few thoughts:
    1. Dead man switch meets TV Remote. Interesting concept.
    2. Could be an interesting app for a device like Apple Watch with a motion and heart rate detector to tell when you’re sleeping (or awake or bad or good.)
    3. Pandora solved this problem years ago with a simple prompt on the screen to see if you’re still listening. I wonder if they patented that idea?

    1. I love #1 as it is simple. #2 not so much. I’d prefer a modified Mattel MindFlex featured in a HaD article about R.E.M. sleep detector. They are available for dollars at thrift stores. #3 I think Pandora stopped doing this. It hasn’t happened to me in months now.

      This NETFLIX sleep thing happens to me a lot! Pausing is one thing but just tell me when I started my movie, and at what time I went to sleep and Netflix has a time stamp feature and I can go back to where I conked-out. Or I have this Sharper Image anti-snoring wrist watch. It listens for low frequency sound waves (snoring) and activates a vibrator on your arm. Maybe the MindFlex detector app could generate a snore sound to activate the vibrator watch. Or your own snoring will activate it. Here’s some links to this stuff:

      WARNING the watch can be annoying as you are probably in self-denial that you actually snore. But the watch KNOWS!!!

      1. Or write an app that records when you start a NETFLIX movie then it automatically activates your laptop’s web cam to watch you. When you fall asleep, go back and find when you look like your asleep and look at the time stamp so you can go back to NETFLIX at that same moment.

        WARNING! NEVER GET COMFORTABLE OR LAY DOWN WHEN WATCHING A GOOD MOVIE!!! The more uncomfortable you are the less likely you’ll fall asleep on a good movie. Also have a black coffee while you watch. Nothing is more annoying then missing the best part of a movie just because you can’t hang! Also wear headphones so your friends and family can’t bug you during the best parts. Use noise-cancelling headphones. However, you won’t hear the doorbell, phone, or any other request for you to get it up and help out (GOOD!!!).

  3. Either got a foot fetish or something to advert. This would work much better in a hat or headband, using tilt sensing to sense dozing off.
    Could be very useful in driving sleep deprived.

  4. Do you need the matching pair for this to function ? ‘cos you know one will get lost in the wash.
    Or maybe they could add some extra functionality that lets you locate the missing one via wifi/bluetooth.

  5. Who ever even fall asleep at their tv? never heard of such a thing happen to a person i know, how much of a zombie are you when you’re overriding your body’s hints to go to bed to keep watching some half assed excuse for entertainment, especially netflix, dear god people.

    1. You must not be an American Baby Boomer. We’ve been programmed at birth to eat, drink, sleep, etc. in front of our TV’s. Mama even used them as babysitter to keep us occupied while she housekept. We even have TV goggles now. We have NETFLIX on our smartphones while we drive. If NETFLIX would put broadcast and cable TV on it’s line up we would probably glue it to our eyes. NETFLIX is limited I’ll agree but for $9 USD bucks a month it will do. I like Amazon and HULU too but they want too much.

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