Help Needed: No-Soldering ESP8266 IFTTT Button

We all love to see amazing hacks in their finished state and be dazzled by what our peers can do. But that’s just the summit of the hacker’s Everest. We all know that the real work is in getting there. user [stopsendingmejunk] is working on an ESP8266-based IFTTT Button based on a simple breakout board so that anyone could rebuild it without having to do any soldering, and he’s looking for collaboration.

[stopsendingmejunk]’s project takes off from this similar project on different hardware. The board he’s chosen to use is the EZSBC ESP8266-07 breakout, which should have everything he needs, including an on-board button. It should be an easy enough job, but he’s having trouble getting the thing to stay asleep until the button is pressed.

We’ve seen more than a few hacks of the Amazon Dash button, but aside from hacking for hacking’s sake, we’re also happy to see a ground-up open redesign. Besides, this looks like it’ll be a great introductory project, requiring little fiddling around. With a little help. The code is up here on GitHub. Anyone game?

18 thoughts on “Help Needed: No-Soldering ESP8266 IFTTT Button

    1. That site was a gold mine of info on the esp8266.

      Thank-You Matt. I just starting to get into the the body of programming this thing and I think it is great.
      I have ordered 10 of then to start off with. And am waiting for them to show up any day now.

      Great Reference.

      Oh and good luck Elliot on the project i like it.

          1. goddamnit guys, IFTTT = If This Then That = A web service thing that lets you make something happen when something else happens or something like that

    1. You could look at getting the NodeMCU board, which is essentially the same thing. These can be had on ebay for $7 us and ship from China, so I assume you could get one in Europe. I have ordered one to test with and am guessing that the code will work with little or no modification.

  1. I have wondered why the ’07 version of the SoM seems less popular. I has both an onboard antenna and a socket for an external one, and the same foot print as the ’12 making it compatible with their breakouts.

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