Very Detailed BB-8 Robot Build

[James Bruton] has just finished and posted the designs for his very impressive BB-8 robot build. We covered the start of his adventures some time ago when we were theorizing about the secret in the new droid, but it was for a completely different robot design. [James] was pursuing a design that used a little robot sitting on top of a big ball.

This new version has a robot sitting inside a ball with the head being magnetically coupled to the body. Among many things with this build, we thought it was cool how the robot has one drive motor and turns by spinning up and reversing a big flywheel in the base of the robot. That was certainly not one of the top theories proposed for the secret behind the robot. The robot is mostly made with a 3d printer, with the occasional cosmetic piece being vacuum formed. If you’d like to make one for yourself, [James] has also posted all of the design and cad for the robot on his GitHub. On Thursday he posted the final installment of his 10-part video series on the build. Check out part one after the break.

19 thoughts on “Very Detailed BB-8 Robot Build

      1. it also serves as a ballast.

        I’m thinking a true old-school big-and-clunky mechanical gyroscope would be the way to drive and stabilize a ball-robot like this, in all axis.

  1. i think it’s just lacking software, or even a simple rc-gyro inline with the drive motor. but i imagine if you spent some time with the control system of this, you could drive it like a segway. it’s an almost inverted pendulum. it should be easy.

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