Hackaday In Dallas — And What That Means For Your Weekend

The Hackaday Prize meetup at the Dallas Makerspace is this weekend: Saturday March 19th. We will be kicking things off at 7pm with food and drinks followed by lightning talks. If you want to come but have yet to RSVP you can do that via Meetup, please do this so we can have enough food and drinks on site for everyone.

We’ve already lined up a number of lightning talks (5-7 minutes each) to get things started so we aren’t sitting and staring at one another like a junior high dance. But we encourage you to show up and sign up for one on on the night of the meetup. Even if you don’t give a talk you should bring a project to show off afterward.

Lightning Talks Primed With:

450V 1mA PIC boost converter by [Bradley Mahurin]
[Brandon Dunson] giving a talk about the 2016 Hackaday Prize, [Mike Szczys] will be giving a talk about the Hackaday | Belgrade hardware badge. [Dave Anders] will be talking about his WITCH-E Project and [Bradley Mahurin] is bringing his 450V 1mA PIC based boost converter. Not to discredit the Hackaday talks, but I’ve seen [Dave] and [Bradley]’s work before and you’ll want to see this stuff first hand and get a chance to talk with these guys.

You are not required to be a member of the Dallas Makerspace (DMS) to attend the event, it’s free and open to all. If this is your first time to visit this or any maker/hackerspace we have enlisted [Robert Davidson] who’s on the DMS Board of Directors to give a short informative lightning talk about the DMS just for you and we’ll try to pressure him into giving some guided tours of the space and all its goodies.


Tanner Electronics has generously donated some dev kits to give away at the meetup and we want to make sure we thank them for the freebies. While we’re at it: a big thanks is due to Supplyframe for sponsoring not only the food, drink, and 2016 Prize swag but the Entire Hackaday Prize — now in its third year — would not be possible without their support. If you aren’t familiar with their services (like the parts.io search engine) you should head over to their main site at Supplyframe.com and poke around.

But Wait, There’s More

I decided that this is as good excuse as any to fire up the old screen printing apparatus at the DMS. After bouncing the idea off of [Mike Szczys] we decided to resurrect a “Hack A Day” t-shirt design you might remember from 2008. We have updated the design with the current Hackaday typeset as you can see in the picture below. This was designed by [John Keppel]… are you still reading? If so, speak up in the comments because everyone still loves the design!

Here’s the deal: this shirt will not be for sale, and there are a limited number available. Add to that: You must screen your own shirt. We will have an experienced member of the DMS [Pearce Dunlap] on site to supervise you. [Pearce] will make sure you end up with something that resembles a t-shirt and try to save you from catastrophic failure, however it’s still yours to ruin.

Test prints from the new screen

Want a Shirt?

First of all you’ll need to RSVP via the Meetup group to get the when and where. Other than that all I can tell you is that there are not going to be many of these available and when they’re gone, that’s it. If you manage to be lucky enough to snag a shirt don’t wear anything you can’t afford to get white ink on, because you really are making it yourself and it can get messy.

This will be an epic evening. Don’t miss it!

12 thoughts on “Hackaday In Dallas — And What That Means For Your Weekend

  1. Hey mike! Any chance you’ll be in the Boston area anytime this year? (I say Boston, because no one comes to NH to visit. We like it that way…)

    Any chance you could post a schedule, so others could plan ahead? It doesn’t have to be rigorously accurate, just plans and maybe tweet-style updates such as “have to skip xxx event” would be really useful.

    You have a Chargés d’affaires now, right?

    1. Hi Peter,

      I don’t have Boston on the calendar right now but to be honest, haven’t thought a ton past Hackaday Prize launch (which just happened) and Dallas and Belgrade which are coming up. Brian, Kristina, and Gerrit will be in Goshen, IN next weekend for MRRF, and most likely we will have someone at VCF East in Wall, NJ next month.

      Best bet is to sign up for the weekly newsletter in the foot at the bottom of the page and watch the events page on Hackaday.io

  2. If you’re in-town early, ya’ll might check out the Antique Science & Retro Tech show. It’s an annual affair, mostly a swap-meet but the items are considerably older – slide rules, (old) calculators, radios (table-top tube, and transistor), quack medical stuff, possibly a Geiger counter or chemistry set, a few books, etc.
    It’s not huge, but it’s interesting. $5.



    I’ve read through the HAD PRIZE 2016 site for the rules and details but I have a question about clarification of Challenege 1 and saw no link in the FAQ to ask questions so I was hoping that a post on an article related to this would be the place to ask.

    If I understand this correctly someone who wishes to participate in challenge 1 need only present an idea/solution to participate. In other words you don’t have to be capable of building what you have submitted. For example if one had an idea for how to solve a common problem like inconsistent heating/cooling in commercial buildings (a common problem if you’ve ever worked in a commercial office building or a government owned building) and you can detail how to do this but not posses the skills to actually implement the solution you could still submit the idea and it would be a valid submission for challenge 1. Does that sound correct?

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