Extremely Thorough Formlabs Form 2 Teardown By Bunnie

[Bunnie Huang] recently had the opportunity to do a thorough teardown of the new Formlabs Form 2 printer. It’s a long read, so just head over there and immerse yourself in every detail. If you want the cliff notes, though, read this but still go look at all the pretty pictures.

First, it’s a major upgrade with pretty much every component. The CPU is a huge step up, the interface went from monochrome to full color touch screen, the connectivity has been upgraded with WiFi and Ethernet, the optics are much better and safer, the power supply is integrated, there are lots of little improvements that handle things like bed leveling, calibration, resin stirring, pausing jobs, and resin refilling during a print. Bunnie practically gushes at all the features and impressive engineering that went into the Form 2.

You can compare the teardown of the Form 2 to [Bunnie’s] teardown of the Form 1 printer back in 2013.

10 thoughts on “Extremely Thorough Formlabs Form 2 Teardown By Bunnie

    1. I had a professor, who say the same thing about almost all projects. I still to this day, think that he was trying to get us think different, and get us to use something other than a microprocessor.

  1. Andrew Bunnie Huang = Evil… What are we going to do about all the ABANDONED and now useless CHUMBY’s Bunnie? Why isn’t there a SIMPLE and FOSS solution to make what YOU created (in large part) that we all bought? Chumby is the Poster-Child of the ABANDONED Child Model in the FOSS/OSHW sphere. Unless you do something, to fix this, it will remain so. If you continue to do nothing, Shame on You. N.B. – Before ANYONE starts replying with ways to “resurrect” a Chumby through many many non Consumer-friendly steps – that’s not my point. My point is that Mr. Huang should have coddled the Chumby after the demise of the platform, out of responsibility. And he did-not, and still does-not.

    1. Key Point: The Chumby was sold as a User-Friendly Device (and it was, for a short time). So Consumer-Level persons paid for it. Now those buyers are left with physically functional hardware that is dysfunctional at the Consumer-user/software level.

      So the Flames begin now, and are Welcome :) Just don’t expect me to BURN!…

      1. I didn’t buy one but I do regularly create custom machines and equipment for our own in house use (instead of for general consumers, which need much more refining) and never got the impression his laptop was designed for anybody who was an average consumer. Far from it. It wasn’t the epoxied shut, no user replaceable parts iPhone, by design. My impression was he was very clear about that. That was the primary selling point.

    2. Maybe I’m missing something here. It wasn’t Bunnie’s company (he was only the lead hardware engineer), and when the company went broke there were open source firmwares available for it. What exactly are you trying to hold him responsible for here?

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