What’s Tiny, Has Eight Legs, And Acts Like An Arduino?

Back in the late 1970s, comedian Steve Martin had a bit about “Let’s get small!” Over on Hackaday.io, [Daniel Grießhaber], has taken that call to heart. He’s been working on DIL-Duino, a minuscule form factor Arduino in an 8-pin DIP format.

Built with an ATtiny85, the board has an area of just under 75 square millimeters (less than 8 mm x 10 mm). If you add the USB port, it still comes in at just over 144 square millimeters. [Daniel] found other small Arduino boards like the Olimexino-85s and the Nanite are not as small as his design.

The module has a QFN CPU and castellated holes around the perimeter for mounting. With pin headers, this would easily fit into a breadboard (as [Daniel] shows) or you could mount it directly to another board like a surface mount device. In fact, that’s the reason for using castellated holes: you can inspect that the solder joint at the mating SMD pad is good. You sometimes hear the technique called half-vias or leadless chip carrier.

If you note, [Daniel] used an oversized board with full holes around the perimeter and then had the board maker score the board, so the holes are cut in half. This is a better technique than trying to drill half holes on the board edge, which is difficult to do.

Naturally, this isn’t the first tiny Arduino we’ve seen. If you are an ARM fan, there’s some little bitty cards for it, too, although not quite as small as DIL-Duino.

28 thoughts on “What’s Tiny, Has Eight Legs, And Acts Like An Arduino?

        1. After comments above – it’s hard not to read DIP as “Dee-Pee” :-)
          (but really project is brilliant – looks like it will be more useful as a component than Digispark)

  1. What has too few pins, needs 5V tolerant peripherals, its crappy software is written in JAVA and is called IDE, can only be used by dumbs (on the other hand by every dumb), nowadays covers more than 50% of articles on hackaday? yep, ARDUINO!

    1. Too few pins…for what? Oh, right, that’s entirely application-specific and not some sort of a general fact.

      As for the 5V operating-voltage? Well, yes, electronics, by very definition, do require electricity and all digital electronics have some operating-voltage — you can’t use 3.3V peripherals on a 1.8V platform, either. But oh, if voltage-dividers or level-converters are too difficult a concept for you, then maybe Hackaday isn’t the right place for you anyways.

      The IDE? You do realize that no one is forcing you to use it? You can write all the code in fucking Notepad if you want to and call the tools manually from CLI if you so much insist. There’s even a setting in the IDE for using external editors for editing sources!

      Oh, and the only thing dumb here is your comment — I’ve seen a lot of stupid shit on the Internet before, but the magnitude of ignorance you’re showing registers a 9 on the Richter – scale!

  2. So just trying to nut this out;
    This is a drop-in replacement for a DIP ATTiny. With the micronucleus boot loader it leverages v-USB to give the option to upload over USB.

    The boot loader still needs to go in over Serial (ICSP). Once that’s done, you can prototype over USB. The boot-loader is about 1.5kb out of 8k space on an ATTiny 85.

    Once you finalise the design, you can stick in a DIP chip that you’ve programmed via ICSP.

    Suggestion; make it easy to upload firmware to a new, DIP ATTiny; especially using this as the base. At that point you close the development loop

    1. You raised a good matter. Is this HAD a HACK website or a NEWS website?
      – For me it is a HACK website, and I don’t care too much about freshness as long as the post is cool!

      1. Bit of both, bit of everything. But everything’s new to somebody. I hadn’t heard of this either.

        Starting .io was a good idea to generate a source of articles though. As well as whatever other nefarious purposes the Overlords want it for. Then again it was pretty light on demanding my personal details, I hardly had to make any up at all. Pretty good for these days.

  3. Let’s get small was one of my favorite Martin bits. “I like starting off my show by doing the impossible…I’ll start by snorting this piano up my nose” (paraphrased). was another.

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