Make Your Own ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter

Want to play around with the ESP8266? You’ll need a breadboard adapter, which allows you to connect the ESP8266 to a breadboard as you refine your design. Sure, you could just buy one, but where’s the fun in that?

[Markus Ulsass] designed a simple breadboard adapter for his ESP8266 that can be easily etched and built at home, but which has most of the features of the commercial versions. His adapter features a voltage regulator that can handle anything up to 7 volts and which has reverse polarity protection and a reset switch that puts the ESP8266 into flash mode, where it can be reprogrammed.

It’s a neat, simple build that makes it easier to tap into the power of the ESP8266 , which can be used to do everything from running a webcam to automating your home.

17 thoughts on “Make Your Own ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter

  1. You know whats even easier and faster than making a pcb? Using a bunch of thin solid core wire to solder a esp on to veroboard and going from there, do wish I left enough room for a regulator, the pullups/downs and a switch tho.

    1. You know what’s easier than making two veroboard wire-ups? Making two PCBs. He’s probably planning on making a few.

      That said, with the layout work already done, it’s maybe even easier to just print out this guy’s PCB design, even in single quantities. I’ll race ya! :)

    1. Nodemcu and its clones are terrific. Having a USB-serial integrated makes them a breeze to work with as it can be used for writing new code on the device, for debugging, for communication with the code you have running on the device — all without you having to so much as touch any of the buttons or anything in-between!

        1. I was going to mention the WeMos boards, I just ordered a couple from Aliexpress. Not only is the D1 mini a little smaller than the NodeMCU, it still features a USB-to-serial adapter.

          WeMos also sells an R2 variant that features an Arduino form-factor, so you can use some Arduino shields on it.

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