World Create Day: Hackaday Meetups Reach Europe And Africa

world-create-day-europe-africaWe are now just three days away from Hackaday World Create Day. On Saturday, April 23rd, the Hackaday community around the world will come together in real life to have fun, share their stories, and to do a little bit of engineering.

A few weeks ago, we put out the call for local meetup organizers and were overwhelmed by the response. The World Create Day events in Europe and Africa span pretty much from pole to pole with meetups in Salangen and Cape Town.

If you are near any of the events on the map, please join in the camaraderie on Saturday If you don’t see a marker near you, it’s not too late, you can still host your own meetup. Follow these easy steps to get your town on the map!

What can you expect from World Create Day? At its simplest, gather together and talk about solving a technology problem facing humanity. This can be submitted as your Challenge 1 entry for the 2016 Hackaday Prize. But many organizers have more planned. We’ve heard from groups who are hosting hardware show-and-tell, others have lined of speakers or workshops, and we always suggest hosting lightning talks where anyone at the meetup can speak for around two minutes.

Hackaday is made up of doers. It’s time we all got together and celebrated what that means. Don’t miss out this Saturday!

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5 thoughts on “World Create Day: Hackaday Meetups Reach Europe And Africa

  1. Just got back to Hamilton from Toronto’s hacklab – Bring a Hack.

    This was my first time going to a hackaday event, had a great time The room was full with people sitting and standing along the sides and back. Loved all the talks. There were some realy good ones.
    Sorry but I am bad with names. And I will not mention all of the talks and not in any order. There were talks on light pollotion in Toronto, Building a Eco helping robot, A excellent light show with 5 meter long 1 meter high led screen bill board using WS2812 Individually Addressable Digital RGB LED, Mesh network and so much more.
    Great time plan on going next year and might even talk.
    I’m guessing they will be on there web site

    Great showing People.

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