Hackaday Links: May 29, 2016

Hackaday has a store‽ Yes, it’s true, and we have a Memorial Day sale going on right now. Get a cool robot had t-shirt, a cool clock, or a GoodFET. Spend money. Consume.

[fbustamante] got his hands on an old GP2X Wiz, one of those ARM-based portable media player/emulator things from a few years ago. This is a complete computer, and like the Pandora, it’ll do everything one of those Raspberry Pi laptops can do. The Wiz doesn’t have a keyboard, so [fbustamante] created his own. He etched his own PC, repurposed a keyboard controller from a USB keyboard, and stole the keycaps from an old Sharp digital organizer.

Speaking of portable consoles, [Element18592] built this incredible Nintendo 64 portable. He’s done an XBox 360 laptop and stuffed a Pi into an old brick Game Boy. This N64 mod is great, uses a 3D printed enclosure, and has truly amazing vinyl graphics.

To the surprise of many, [Photonicinduction] is not dead. The drunk brit with a penchant for high voltage electrics and a very, very confused power company is back making videos again. His latest video is a puzzle. It’s a plastic block with a light bulb socket, a UK power outlet, and a switch. Plug in a light bulb, flip the switch, and it turns on. Plug a blender into the outlet, and that turns on too. No wires, so how is he doing it?

Introduced at CES last January, Monoprice – yes, the same place you get HDMI and Ethernet cables from – has released their $200 3D printer. This one is on our radar and there will be a review, but right away the specs are fantastic for a $200 printer. The build area is 120mm³, it has a heated bed, and appears to be not completely locked down like the DaVinci printers were a few years ago.

25 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: May 29, 2016

        1. For some reason, on my phone it won’t! Android phone, Chrome browser. It tries to get me to download the Tapatalk app and I refuse. (I don’t really want a Google account.) There is a skip option but it goes to the original webpage.
          So it doesn’t seem to work for everyone the same way anymore. I do know that it works fine on my ancient XP desktop.
          I don’t like obvious cut/paste jobs either! Most of you ‘old timers’ know I’m new to posting here, but I’ve been watching HaD weekly for years. The community has been very nice to me. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. I’m going to try to buy it this week! I can’t look away from it. :)
        If it’s awsome I’ll let HaD know! If it sucks then… it’s probably my fault it will be my first 3D printer. :)
        Heh. What is the ‘Hello World’ equivalent for a 3D printer? A cube?
        I have research to do about filaments.

          1. Yeah. My first 100 prints will be mostly copy paste jobs. Planning everything out first. I know the resolution is low but I don’t need HD for until I need it.

  1. I swear… [photonicinduction] never gets old. …I wonder how many times ‘photonic must be making a new video has been uttered in his power companys control room.

    1. It was one of the languages I learned in college, haven’t used it since apart from the odd dip into Delphi, but then again, Delphi isn’t really Cobol anymore.

    1. And coupon codes usually change every week or sooner. It’s another way to track how well the advertising is going and where you may have heard about the product.
      Search for them manually just before buying it.

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