Hackaday Meetup In The Middle Of Nowhere

Come one, come all, as the Hackaday community gathers at the childhood home of the worst president of the United States of America. Raise a glass, feast on roast pig, and don’t forget to Bring-A-Hack to show and tell. We’ll give away Hackaday Omnibus, stickers, and as a very special door prize a few people are going to walk away with a Raspberry Pi Zero.

The preamble about not-so-great heads of state is due to the venue. This gala is at the James Buchanan Pub & Restaurant in Mercersburg, PA on Sunday, June 5th, starting at 3PM. But that doesn’t really answer the question of why Mercersburg, does it? This is the location of one of the Hackaday World Create Day meetups. It caught my eye and since I live only 20 minutes away this is a great time for another get together.

Let’s fill the place with south central Pennsylvania’s greatest hardware hackers. There will be food, alcohol, and interesting people to talk to.

21 thoughts on “Hackaday Meetup In The Middle Of Nowhere

  1. I live in Scotland so forgive me if I am wrong but is Pennsylvania not home to that hardcore techno-hacktivist collective: The Amish? If so invite them along they can bring their cow milking & horse plough hacks.

        1. I agree. The world was scarcely aware of the Americans until they started dropping bom.. I mean Kinder eggs everywhere. So this guy Buchanan is quite nice, compared to some more recent ones.

          1. It’s lovely up there I live in Dumfries (South) but I often go to the highlands for the occasional weekend. Were you on holiday? Or working?

      1. Disney is not in Orlando. Might I suggest Titusville Florida one of the cities near KSC. Oshkosh Wi home of the EAA one of the first big makers organization the EAA.

  2. For awhile there you really had me confused. Is the event going to be in Indonesia or Hawaii? The picture of the old guy at the top of the post didn’t help either. Also, recipes for Indonesian and Hawaiian roast pig sound pretty tasty. Is the event actually in Pennsylvania? That’s strange, considering the previous holder of the title of “Worst President” was born and raised in Georgia and spent a lot of time being a peanut farmer. JK ;)

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