The Citadel Is The King Of K’nex Builds.

Following one’s passion can lead to amazing results. Sometimes this results in technological marvels; other times, one marvels at the use of the technology. An exemplary display of the latter is The Citadel.

Over the course of three years, redditor [Shadowman39] pieced together this monstrous K’nex structure. With over 17 different paths(!), 45 different elements, and over 40,000 parts, you would expect some meticulous planning to go into its construction — but that’s not the case! [Shadowman39] assembled it largely on the fly with only a few elements needing to be sketched out and only the main elevator proving to be troublesome. Three motors power the structure — one for the main elevator, one for the smaller lifts on the bottom, and one for the release gates.

This is an absolute leviathan hobby project. To satiate the obvious curiosity of anyone who stumbles across this picture, its intricacies can be seen in the video:

This surprisingly sturdy structure cost [Shadowman39] $922.38 in parts, not including the ones they already owned. Whether for fun or for a whiteboard plotter, K’nex is perhaps a very under unappreciated tool in a maker’s kit. Go figure.

[via /r/pics]

18 thoughts on “The Citadel Is The King Of K’nex Builds.

  1. Brilliant! That is an outstandingly wonderful build.

    (Also, I am less confused now that I realize that “The Citadel” is the name of the sculpture and not a reference to the military college in South Carolina)

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