Wired Networking For The ESP8266

The ever popular ESP8266 is popping up in more and more projects. There are CNC controllers, blinkey WiFi lighting, and downright bizarre WiFi to Ethernet bridges. [Cicero] has thrown his hat into the ring with one of these Ethernet-enabled ESP8266 builds, and right now everything works, it’s simple to put together, and cheap to build.

Astute readers will notice we’ve seen something like this before. A few months ago, [cnlohr] discovered the Ethernet controller in the ESP8266. This was, by every account, the hard way of doing things. [cnlohr] was driving the Ethernet directly through the ESP’s I2S bus. [Cicero]’s project does not. It uses the cheap ENC28J60 SPI to Ethernet adapter to put the ESP on a wired network. Is one solution better than the other? That’s arguable. Is one solution much simpler than the other? Yes, [Cicero]’s work allows anyone to add Ethernet to the ESP8266 with a few resistors and a module that costs $3 from the usual online shops.

With the Ethernet stack taken from [Ulrich Radig], the SPI driver from [MetalPhreak], and an ESP8266-based web server from [Sprite_tm], [Cicero] managed to serve up web pages through both the wired and wireless connections.

Although this build is not as technically amazeballs as [cnlohr]’s work with driving Ethernet directly from the ESP, it is very easy to implement, opening up the doors to a few of the more interesting capabilities of a wired ESP. With the Ethernet unlocked, there’s a free WiFi interface to wardrive, snoop around in promiscuous mode, inject packets, bridge a bunch of ESPs in mesh mode to another network, and other network shenanigans. The ENC28J60 modules have probably already found their way into a few parts bins and junk boxes already, making [Cicero]’s work the quick start guide to wired networking on the ESP.

Thanks [PuceBaboon] for sending this one in.

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  1. “discovered the Ethernet controller in the ESP8266” this is stating there is a true phy on board, it should be re-worded along the lines of “figured out a way to get Ethernet on the ESP”. Heck, that original article even self-deprecates its false click-baitey title…

    1. -2

      Common’ guys, can’t you take a touch of humor ?? cnlohr did indeed “found” an ethernet PHY in his esp8266, only it was mostly a software-based PHY that he (brillantly) programmed himself… Semiconductors companies hate him ! :D

      Editors probably thought it would be less of a boring title than “Bitbanging Ethernet pulse modulation on ESP8266″… And if we get more clickbaits article like this one about a great and cheaply reproducible hack of a popular chip (with a cleverly detailed explanation that also served as a nice introduction to low level knowledge of such a generic protocol), I’m all for it !

      1. Using “discover” in the past article, then “unlock” in this is misleading, and it might end up confusing someone who’s poring over the ESP’s datasheet, wondering where his Ethernet modules are. Brian, you know full well there isn’t one. Why mislead people? It’s only going to cause confusion and frustration, if somebody’s helpless enough to trust an article about electronics on a website that covers lots of electronics. Just tell the truth! I don’t see what’s to gain…

        Wait, you’re trolling again, aren’t you? Either get some cream for that Syndrome, or have a bloody holiday. Actively trolling the readers is a pretty strong indicator of Stage 3 Benchoff’s Syndrome. Seriously you need to sort your shit out.

  2. I was going to say meh… then I saw how cheap those ENC28J60 modules have got. I think that even leaves enough pins free to connect an equally cheap ESP-USB nodule, if for some reason you need a device that can act as a gateway but only be monitored by a local machine via the USB serial link, which may be more secure. The entire build is under $10

  3. Are there by now any reliable measurements of the UART performance in terms of what throughput WIFIUART is achievable without packet loss and can I even have multiple UARTs? Any information is most appreciated. (Or will the ESP learn how to make toast via USB3.0, before we can have reliable UART connections with some decent performance beyond 115k because no one needs a reliable UART connection?)

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