Automate Git And Upgrade Your Battle Station With A Custom Peripheral

[mfaust] wakes up in the morning like a regular person, goes to work like a regular person, types in tedious commands for his software versioning utilities like a regular person, and then, as a reward, gets his coffee, just like rest of us. However, what if there was a way to shorten the steps, bringing us all closer to the wonderful coffee step, without all those inconvenient delays? Well, global industry is trying its best to blot out the sun, so mornings are covered there. [Elon Musk’s] thinktank proposed the hyperloop, which should help with the second step. [mfaust] built a control station for his versioning software. Raise your cup of joe high for this man’s innovative spirit.

He first laid out all the buttons, LED lights, and knobs he’d like on a panel to automate away his daily tasks. Using photoshop he ended up with a nice template. He laminated it to the top of a regular project box and did his best to drill holes in the right places without a workshop at his command. It’s pretty good looking!

Since this is the sort of thing an Arduino is best at he, in a mere two tries, wired everything up in such a way that it would all cram into the box. With everything blinking satisfactorily and all the buttons showing up on the serial out, he was ready for the final step.

Being a proficient and prolific enough developer to need a control panel in the first place, like a sort of software DJ, he wrote a nice interface for it all. The Arduino sits and waits for serial input while occasionally spitting out a packet of data describing its switch status. A Java daemon runs in the background of his computer. When the right bits are witnessed, a very nicely executed on screen display reports on the progress of his various scripts.

Now he can arrive at the hyperloop terminal during the appropriate work time slot in Earth’s perpetual night. After which he simply walks up to his computer, flips a few switches, glances quickly at the display for verification, and goes to drink some nice, hydroponically grown, coffee. Just like the rest of us.

56 thoughts on “Automate Git And Upgrade Your Battle Station With A Custom Peripheral

    1. Coffee made right is like gourmet chocolate or fine wine.
      And then there’s office sludge, which is only good for getting through the day.

      I suppose every culture has there own strange eating/drinking habits.

      1. I disagree with your first point, while well made coffee is nice and certainly enjoyable every now and then, it isn’t anything super special. I agree with you regarding workplace slop, that stuff is undrinkable. Sadly, the country I live in, every cup of coffee regardless of the fanciness of the place is workplace slop :(

    2. It probably started as somewhat of a joke and escalated from there into “Man I’m so addicted, LOL”.
      I think for most people coffee is the chance to take a break, socialise a bit, stretch the legs and drink something they enjoy the taste of. Same as for any break really.

    3. As a very successful man once said “There is no use trying to explain to the ones that just won’t understand” and since you admit to falling into the latter category (in this subject) I think the question will remain unanswered to your satisfaction.

    4. Mind if i answer that? After all, i just bought the domain name. See, for some of us it may be about addiction or taste, but for others its an ingrained part of our work routine that first started in a college dorm or our bedroom at home.

      Knowledge isn’t easy to come by. Info is, but knowledge is information that we’ve processed and understand. It takes time and effort and many attempts to get things right before we finally possess that vaunted knowledge. It takes countless exhausted hours of research and study and practice.

      So while we may have started at a desk, or on the floor, poring over data sheets and arduino’s, terminals and project boxes, for many of us a cup of coffee would be our constant companion.

      And i’m sure there are plenty of people, like me, who sit silently at their desk watching a program compile, reveling in a decent cup of coffee and remembering fondly all the hard work that payed off.

        1. This is hilarious, best laugh I’ve had all week.

          This whole post-apocalyptic spin on GIT and modern life is pretty disgusting though. I can’t imagine why this git control panel would be needed, or even useful — but the best projects on hackaday are the ones that are insane,
          ridiculous, and useless, so boogie on dude!

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